Dear readers,

Warm welcomes! Heyy, I’m Riya K,

‘Hmmm… just wondering…’ is a place for my thoughts. I think about everything!! And when it all feels overwhelming, I write poems and short stories.

Also occasionally (like 90% of the time) I just go crazy on this blog.. (; Hope you enjoy reading my mind! Thanks for visiting!!✌

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Day 4- Autumn

4. Write a haiku. See all the prompts here. Autumn Feet on leaves crunching Gusts against my face grinning, Winter is coming!


Day 3-Leave

3. Find the nearest book of any kind. Turn to page 8 and use the first ten full words in a poem. The book I…


Day 2- Sunset Girl

2. Who was the last person you texted? Write a five line poem to that person. well, it was my best friend, we talked abt…


Day 1

hie.. so I am starting a 20 day writing challenge to get out of my writer’s block. I am just hoping I will be able…



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