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‘Hmmm… just wondering…’ is a place for my thoughts. I think about everything!! And when it all feels overwhelming, I write poems and short stories. Also occasionally (like 90% of the time) I just go crazy on this blog.. (; Hope you enjoy reading my mind! Thanks for visiting!!✌

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how to say no

done being abused,those women fumed,they led and rebelled,alas they failed.even so, a change arose,all because they were learninghow to say the word no. some people adapted,but men remained,their hatred kindled,n’ perverting entailed,all because they never learnedhow…


The Art Of Words

Oh how the eyes shine,When unbidden, they find that flawless verse,Like a glass of lemonade to quench one’s thirst. Don’t you see the words hovering?They glisten vividly in hind sight,As if the sun has squeezed them…


To My Inane Soul

“Think about the absurdity of life. When you break down the things we do every day to their component pieces, you begin to understand how ridicu­lous they are. Like kissing, for instance. You wouldn’t let a…



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