Think Box

Welcome! Or Welcome Back!!

Think box is a page for new ideas and prompts. I will add some topics and you can select one that you might like to read! Feel free to comment below or send me a mail here!

You are also welcome to suggest ideas of your own.. here are some prompts of mine:

  • How would u want me to remember you?
  • We are never tired of hurting..💔
  • An Internship at Hell
  • Mail to the fangirl
  • One of us
  • I don’t want you to know that _____ but I hope you read this!

Author: Riya

Trying to feel and make you feel "NOT ALONE."

9 thoughts on “Think Box”

    1. 😄Thanks! Cyan is one of my favorite colors..and it looks so vibrant!!
      Thank you for visiting my blog..stay connected🙌🙌

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