Chapter 1- Napping

listen while you read๐Ÿ‘†โฃ

I found myself alone on the so very familiar couch. The canary yellow room. Our usual weekend hangout. The ever crowded room seated only me. A cloudless sky was bursting through the huge windows. I sat there, enveloped by silence, until the sun was overhead.
It was a comforting yet unusual afternoon.. I knew something uncommon was happening. Where was everyone? Then, you slipped into my thoughts and before I knew, you had drained me. I dozed off..


People, music and chatter filled the room now. It feels alive now. My best friend, Manaa walks up to me “Ha! Older by only a year and taking power naps already. How are you holding up after you-know-what? Never mind that today. Happy b-day or whatever sleeping ugly(๐Ÿ˜‚)..”

A wide smile slipped onto my face. Manaa will never change(for the better) We met exactly 3103 days…and she is still the goofy snuggly girl.

Wait what? My birthday??? It was 6 months away!! Is this some kind of prank..is Manaa-

Then realization struck me, time had slipped away. I was 17 now. I suddenly felt 5 years older. My smile disappeared. All I wanted was to cancel my party and shut out the now darkening sky. Grey clouds were coming to weep for me.

They come so very often now.. since you and I had fallen apart. (Not that anybody knows about it.)

I was drowning into another black storm of “YOU” thoughts until through all the chatter and crowds I saw the happiest face…


Hey readers.. This is the first chapter of a story I am starting. Since some of the chapters are in writing process “Exist” is just a temporary name.๐Ÿ˜… Comment below conveying your thought about this chapter!!

By Riya

Just a teenager growing up


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