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Exist(Chp.~ 2)

Chapter 2- A Roller Coaster

I should have broken down the instant I saw your happy face. My heart should have turned to frozen ice.. but NO. Your smile, your sparkled eyes filled me with warmth.

“Hi ri!! Happy birthday. I know things have been..uhm awkward ..but I really wanted to see you.. but if you don’t wish me to be here.. I’ll go.. I will I will just..”

(I know something feels wrong about you being here yet I ignore that )

“No! Stay.. it feels great to have you here. You are welcome to stay..”

You grinned as if I just handed your six-year-old self a balloon.

(Something is wrong! ~ ignored again)

“Thx!😉😁Come bday girl.. let me show you how to really enjoy a party!”

The next few hours was just a roller coaster going high. Dancing, laughing, joking, climbing and climbing, high up to the clouds.

Then came the 100 foot drop.. “Ri.. the party is getting boring.. let’s go somewhere”

“Just us?”

(I was hoping yes.. because being close to you was something I NEEDED. But, I didn’t relaize that I was under your spell. Our laughter had charmed me. And I would have followed you anywhere.)

“You and me. Me and you, that is more than enough Ri ..come on!”

You started running away.. and all I could do was chase you. Down the stairs, up the street, across the block, long enough for me to lose track. (now this “roller coaster ride” made sense. but what didn’t make sense was that I was enjoying running with you. )

“Stop!” I had run out of breath.

“Why? What’s wrong Ri?”

(What’s wrong? You tell me! The party, the laughter, YOU.. it just doesn’t makes sense. Your spell was working.. I had ignored for so long that something is wrong!)

“Nothing’s wrong, this is just too good to be true” I smiled. (Uhmm..what?)

“Ohhh.. Actually Ri, the only reason why I spent time with you today, why I am really here is because you need to know something..

(Something is definitely wrong!!!!Help!!Manaa!?)

(What happens next shattered me a million times and then a billion times more. If Manaa had been there, I would have been safe. But with you on my mind, the rest of the world had vanished.)

19 responses to “Exist(Chp.~ 2)”

  1. Are you writing fiction?

    1. Most parts are fiction in this😂 I really had a dream like this

      1. Beautiful dream kind of romantic

          1. Would love to read unsaid part as well …hehehe kidding

            1. 😂😂that is locked up and thrown away!

              1. Hehehe tell me one on one…

                1. 😂Sure someday! Tell me about you..

                  1. Eagerly waiting for that day …about me here …???

                  2. If you are comfortable.
                    Where are you from? Do you have a job? Or still in college/school?

                  3. Not here obviously. Yeah I have job …

                  4. Love to chat with you ….but not here …

                  5. Yeah I understand✌

                  6. Thanks I use hangout …will you …?

                  7. Yeah ofcourse👍👍

                  8. Thanks

                  9. Let me know your if you are comfortable

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