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Chapter 3- Pretend

🎶Closure by Hayd🎶

(You told me I was beautiful, You told me I was your magnet, nothing could pull you away. It would be us against the world.)

“I cannot be with you anymore. I am leaving. “

(Why? Huh? Were we ever together? What is happening? This is absurd! )

The world was spinning. I lost focus of everything. One blink, then you were gone.

Tear drops fell. One at a time.

(I hardly cried, especially not over people! Everything is so absurd.. yet the only thing that made sense was that you had left. I was alone. You were gone. )

Then the stream turned into a gush of salty liquid. I broke down. The grey clouds were re-gathering. The storm got darker and darker. It was all black now.


I opened my eyes.

This room is not yellow canary. It is an ugly pink. Today is not my birthday, it’s still 6 months away. While, Manaa is far away, in another city.

That was all just a dream. No more crying, no more pain, no more absurdities.

The only thing that’s same is: I was alone.

While in this reality, you didn’t leave me.. you never would.

I had pushed you away. So far away, almost like you don’t EXIST. (I realise, we ended before we were even together, because I was scared.)

You do NOT exist!

Even if I repeated this a 1000 times, you do exist.

You exist in my memories.
You exist in my thoughts.
You exist in haunt my dreams.

I had pushed you away, I regret it now.

I could stop the nightmare. I could reach out to you. I could get a closure.

But I am still scared of “us”. So,

I will not approach you. (Pretend you don’t exist.)

I’ll erase your traces. ( Pretend you don’t exist. )

I’ll just call this a bad dream and move on.

Pretend you don’t exist!

The End.

Hey readers!! This is the end of my first story “Exist” . I know the story is crummy and rocky. I myself noticed a lot of scope for improvement. Comment and help me out for a better story next time!! Take care❣

12 responses to “Exist(Chp.~3)”

  1. naomiclimateandcats Avatar

    Woah! I know you wrote this post a bit ago, but I just discovered your blog (it’s really quite amazing!), and decided to read this story! It confused me a bit at the beginning, and I’m guessing the reader wasn’t exactly supposed to know what was happening… wow, though, the writing style was beautiful! Such a good story Riya!

    1. Thank you sooooooo much naomi..this comment made my day!🤗❤❤
      To be honest, this is my first story and even I had realized it was a bit messy and confusing😬😅
      So glad you liked it!! Thanks again.. Take care and stay connected💖✌

  2. Riya great story i was confused a bit in seconf chapter. But then I got all of it! And the realisation is just amazing!

    1. 🥺😅glad you got it.. I was afraid it was too messy😬

  3. Hii…. god this is so good the writing is like amazing and the story as well. And one more thing you have a great taste of music 🙂 I saw Hayd and I was like woaaaahhhhhh …… and I am guessing you are a teen yourself . Kudos to you

    1. 💖🤩Thank you so much Khushi!! is my life.. I am always listening to songs, but sadly I have a terrible voice😂 Who is your favorite artist?

      1. well you know I am a big fan of music myself and I have a terrible voice as well XD ……….. I listen to underrated artists you know . Anson Seabra is my fav artist currently . I am a roller coaster so I never know when it changes 😀 …… Who’s yours?

        1. 🤩Anson is great! my all time fav artist is Alec Benjamin🎶🥺 but currently niall horan😂 so
          I get it.. roller coaster!

          1. Ohh godd you like alec benjamin as well ? I binge-listened to alec the whole last year……

            1. 😭😭gosh! atlast.. someone like me!

              1. Trust me I feel the same……. no one actually likes to listen to people who are not pop stars but I like to give a chance to them 🙂

  4. […] that goes along with the memory. For example, I used the song “Closure- by Hayd” in this post… and there you have it : A Song […]

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