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Messed up! (The survey)

Listen while you read..

Hey readers, firstly manyyyyyy thanks for 100+ followers!!! You are wonderful!!

And as promised, here are the results of my survey..

The Responses

1) Are you a teenager?

2) Do you think your life is messed up?

Not at all, I am doing great!🙌😁0%
Not really,I am good🙂👍10%
Yeah, a little i guess😅90%
Yes, completely😭0%
Maybe / Dont know/ Not sure😬🤷‍♀️0%
90%… OH MY GOD.. What do you make out of this??!!

We have heard “Everyone is a mess… You have no idea what the other person is going through!” And I never actually believed that.

But I’ve got some proof now. All of us live a complicated life, not just teenagers💔 and this just changed my view of so many things!

Another interesting bit is– some elders have agreed that they used to be a mess.. but things got better for them. SO CROSSED FINGERS fellow teens🤞there is hope!😂✌

3) Write down something would make life better or easier for you. {This was an open ended question.. and here are some of my favorite responses}

~ maybe if I could stop thinking about how… crazy everything in the world seems. The planet we’re destroying, the people going hungry, and just… how my life is so normal…. I mean, I’M fine, just my mental position on things…. it’s just overwhelming sometimes. {I get you completely😭}

~ What makes life easier for me is a combination of philosophy and physicality, working my mind towards small goals and then continuing…spending time with people I admire and love…and having great faith in God. I am not religious, don’t get me wrong…also basically enjoying the day and doing my music and art!

~ Covid being over.{💔😷this answer popped up many times!}

4) Anything else you would like to take off from your mind..

~ All my anxiety and stress.

~ Yes, all the thoughts which come under the ‘over-thinking’ bracket! (ME TOO MY FRIEND😭😭)

~ This too shall pass! (YES🙌)


1) Yes, I am a teenager

2) Even my life is a little messy😅

3) A little support, more focus on my studies, offline classes, my amazing friends, music for life✨😉 what else? oh right a career!😶

4) Uhmm.. I really hope that you guys like this kind of post💕😂 And stay safe y’all!

31 responses to “Messed up! (The survey)”

  1. Congratulations. 🌹🙏👍

    1. Thank you!! Welcome to Hmmm❣

  2. I really liked it. Your response was really fun to read. Enjoyed it..!

    1. Glad to hear that!!😁🙌

  3. This was fun to read! I don’t think my life is that messed up, but sometimes it gets very stressful 😅

    1. Happy to know you enjoyed it🤩
      Yeah it can be stressful.. how do you handle the stress?

      1. I mainly just relax and take time away from technology because that’s my main source of stress. 😄

        1. 🙌That’s effective!

  4. Yes dear. This is wonderful. Keep going.

    1. 💖🥺That means a lot aleesha! Thank you!!

  5. Congrats on 100+ followers!
    This survey was so interesting, I wonder about a lot of things like this on a daily basis… so cool you did this survey!
    And well, at least nobody was at the HELP MY LIFE IS REALLY MESSED UP extreme?
    Anyway, great post, Riya!

    1. Thanks naomi!!
      true! 😬😂

  6. congratulations on 100+followers

    1. Thank you for your support🙌🙌💖

  7. I did like this survey. Thanks for sharing.

    1. ✌😊Happy to hear that!

  8. Actually what’s the purpose of your blog..

    1. I have a very long answer..but to sum it up in 3 points..

      1. I LOVE TO a lot😁❤

      2. I am very CURIOUS .. i have many thoughts and questions on EVERYTHING😂 this blog is my search for some kinds of answers..

      3. I want to SHARE what I am thinking with brings me peace😌🫂

      Thanks for asking!! Means a lot💙💙🥺

    1. 🤯🤯🤯Yeah right??!! It feels awesome. Thanks a lot for your support 💖😭

  9. Congratulations 🎈🎈🎈👏🍫🍫🍫

    1. 😁💥thank you, clint. Warm welcomes to Hmmm 💕

  10. Many many congratulations dear

  11. Congratulations, Riya! ❤ Best of luck in your studies and future career!

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