Messed up! (The survey)

We have heard “Everyone is a mess… You have no idea what the other person is going through!” And I never actually believed that…

Listen while you read..

Hey readers, firstly manyyyyyy thanks for 100+ followers!!! You are wonderful!!

And as promised, here are the results of my survey..

The Responses

1) Are you a teenager?

2) Do you think your life is messed up?

Not at all, I am doing great!🙌😁0%
Not really,I am good🙂👍10%
Yeah, a little i guess😅90%
Yes, completely😭0%
Maybe / Dont know/ Not sure😬🤷‍♀️0%
90%… OH MY GOD.. What do you make out of this??!!

We have heard “Everyone is a mess… You have no idea what the other person is going through!” And I never actually believed that.

But I’ve got some proof now. All of us live a complicated life, not just teenagers💔 and this just changed my view of so many things!

Another interesting bit is– some elders have agreed that they used to be a mess.. but things got better for them. SO CROSSED FINGERS fellow teens🤞there is hope!😂✌

3) Write down something would make life better or easier for you. {This was an open ended question.. and here are some of my favorite responses}

~ maybe if I could stop thinking about how… crazy everything in the world seems. The planet we’re destroying, the people going hungry, and just… how my life is so normal…. I mean, I’M fine, just my mental position on things…. it’s just overwhelming sometimes. {I get you completely😭}

~ What makes life easier for me is a combination of philosophy and physicality, working my mind towards small goals and then continuing…spending time with people I admire and love…and having great faith in God. I am not religious, don’t get me wrong…also basically enjoying the day and doing my music and art!

~ Covid being over.{💔😷this answer popped up many times!}

4) Anything else you would like to take off from your mind..

~ All my anxiety and stress.

~ Yes, all the thoughts which come under the ‘over-thinking’ bracket! (ME TOO MY FRIEND😭😭)

~ This too shall pass! (YES🙌)


1) Yes, I am a teenager

2) Even my life is a little messy😅

3) A little support, more focus on my studies, offline classes, my amazing friends, music for life✨😉 what else? oh right a career!😶

4) Uhmm.. I really hope that you guys like this kind of post💕😂 And stay safe y’all!

Author: Riya

Trying to feel and make you feel "NOT ALONE."

31 thoughts on “Messed up! (The survey)”

  1. Congrats on 100+ followers!
    This survey was so interesting, I wonder about a lot of things like this on a daily basis… so cool you did this survey!
    And well, at least nobody was at the HELP MY LIFE IS REALLY MESSED UP extreme?
    Anyway, great post, Riya!

    1. I have a very long answer..but to sum it up in 3 points..

      1. I LOVE TO a lot😁❤

      2. I am very CURIOUS .. i have many thoughts and questions on EVERYTHING😂 this blog is my search for some kinds of answers..

      3. I want to SHARE what I am thinking with brings me peace😌🫂

      Thanks for asking!! Means a lot💙💙🥺

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