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No Reason At All!

Well, **ck that.
What if I want to cry with no reason at all?

P.s. this is a weird rap song, so not for everyone’s ear.. But the lyrics are genius!! give it a shot✌

On some boring Monday (or Tuesday or dot.. or Sunday) I just feel sad.

Maybe some kind of emptiness.
My head’s heavy,
My mind is constantly drifting away,
And nothing seems to interest me.

I don’t work/study even a bit.
And waste 15 hours staring at my laptop.

“’s just a bad day”
“the weather’s too grey to focus on calculus!!”

watch the next episode for now.. study chemistry later
“today is a Monday.. Everyone can have a buffer day.. “

[and lol my buffer days last entire wonder I am behind on class work.. RELATABLE?]

Look at me wasting more time and complaining about such things. Another wasted opportunity…
I am very lucky to be safe and healthy today.
And I can’t seem to justify/excuse my sadness.

My life’s pretty good,
No I don’t have it bad,
So its hard to explain
All these feelings I have.”

Sad Song🎶

Damn right!
I mean I do have a great life,
Have a thousand,
Probably a million reasons to smile..

But frankly,
You would call me crazy,
If I smile without a reason.
And you would call me depressed,
If I cry without a reason.

Well **ck that,
Some days I feel pessimistic(sad),
With no reason at all…

Hey readers, This is a mixture of poetry and prompt 
post.. something I am trying for the first time😬😂😂
Comment below, let me know what you think and show support!!💖

32 responses to “No Reason At All!”

  1. Wonderful post.
    Loved the song too❤️

    1. Thank you for reading Duo💕💕

    1. 😄❤thank you!
      P.s. is your name really orion?

      1. Orion website name
        Name crispin Abraham

  2. 🧝‍♀️Rarenwise🧝‍♀️ Avatar

    Ye things do turn out wrong when one chooses afflictions over gens

  3. Great post. Awesome song! Loved it

    1. 😁thanks jahnavi..glad you liked it❤

    1. Thank you Prakaash!! Welcome to Hmmm🤩💖

  4. Great post! I certainly have the same feelings, 100% relatable!

    1. 😂relieved to hear that!! How do you stop procrastinating?

  5. Great post, I needed to see this today. Thanks for sharing!

    1. 😥I am sad to hear you needed to hear this..but I am also pleased that this helped you!!💖✌
      Welcome to Hmmm!!
      (ps your name is?)

      1. Hi my name is Tammy & that’s one thing I love about this platform, it provides reminders of encouragement ☺️.

        1. 😊that is true Tammy!! Stay connected😁

  6. “You would call me crazy,
    If I smile without a reason.
    And you would call me depressed,
    If I cry without a reason.”
    Very true! I’m glad to see this post, relatable to a lot of people.

    1. I am relieved that many people can relate✌ i am not alone!😊
      but at the same time no one can tell me “why does this happen? where did we go wrong?”😭😬

      1. That’s something nobody can tell you, there’s no specific answer to that question. They can advise you to do something that makes you feel better but can never answer that question. That’s something for you to figure out and work on. The only thing you need to remember is that you’re not alone 🙂

        1. 💖This is a great comment and so true! I will remember that😊🙌

  7. No reason also have reason inside. Great piece

  8. Dear Riya Interesting narrative

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