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Have You Cloned Me?

You have never seen my face,
Yet you say I am a crystal, clear,
Even through my maze of words,
You read me as I were an open book..

Only took you a couple hours,
To unravel my foggy mind,
Took a dozen conversations,
To visit my heart’s wonderland,
And then, within earth’s rotation,
You unmasked my darkest fears..

We met only a week ago,
Then, how could you understand me so?
How do you see right through me?
You can say the words right from my heart,
Are you the satan, or an enlightened?
Truthfully, have you cloned me?

How are our likes and dislikes so similar?
Are we birds of the same feather?
Or are you changing yourself,
To make me feel comfortable?

At first, it was uncanny to meet you me,
And now I realize,
I have many more carbon copies.
We desire to be unique,
But with 8 billion other humans,
None of us will ever be one of a kind.

Why am I here, if there are more like me?
This universe doesn’t need me,
I thought my purpose was: to live,
Now I wonder if my only purpose is: to leave,
And be replaced (easily!)
Am I being too paranoid,
Or have I lost my soul in my mind?

I know my strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes will never be unique.. somebody somewhere is exactly like me. Yet I hope I can be a one of a kind soul, by being true to myself, my choices and my feelings. 🤯💖
Comment and let me know what you think about clones and uniqueness!!✌🙌

58 responses to “Have You Cloned Me?”

  1. Uniqueness is important every person is unique in this world. I really liked your poem, so many emotions surface in it. So awesome!!

    1. Yeah I believe so too.. though the poem says contradictly😅😬 Thanks for reading it..really appreciate you!!❣

  2. What a mixture of thoughts!!! 💐❤️

    1. 😁That’s what this blog is all about!

  3. It was a very different poem! keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks duo!😌 You are so kind🙌

  4. Hm, great poem!
    I think maybe someone could have the same likes and dislikes and such, but they probably won’t have the same upbringing, the same blog, the same… a lot of things. I mean, I think there are people out there that are VERY similar, but I believe we’re all unique!

    1. Hmmm that really is interesting isn’t it?
      How so many people can be similar and different at the same time.. It gets so difficult to find your own unique thing 😅
      Ohh I have so mcuh more to say about this topic!! 😂😂 some other day! Thanks for your input🤗🤗
      Have a great weekend Naomi❣

      1. Yeahh But afterall if everyone would be too different we would be writing a poem on
        ‘ can we find any one similar in this world’😂

        1. 😂Uhm *must agree with that*
          Would you prefer to find people who are very similar to you or find people who are very dffrnt and didn’t get you at all?

          1. How about mixed?
            😂 that gets us back to the point of it all!
            Wouldn’t you want that too?

            1. 😂It’s definitely a mixed. With similar people I can be me and with different people I can discover other parts of me!

              1. yeah with a bit difference we can sort of be unique in a friendship and with similarity we can ignore parts of difference( and well just get along together)

                1. 😊Yes!! a stable friendship and existence!

  5. Wonderful poem…you are truly good at expressing your thoughts through your words

    1. 😂😊thank you for being so kind! Welcome to Hmmm!🙌🏼

  6. I’ve never met anyone like me…

    1. Maybe you don’t get out a lot😂😂(just kidding.. no offense meant)
      It is actually incredible that you are unique!!🤩🤩🤘

      1. Even when I did get out a lot, I didn’t meet people like me. There aren’t many people out there like me. I love being unique, but it can also be a lonely existence sometimes…

        1. 😟 i feel really bad about saying that to you

            1. 😅u said it can lonely sometimes

              1. It’s not your fault. It’s just that people are so opinionated that it’s easy for them to find something not to like about me, so I hold back and don’t show a lot of my friends who I really am.

                1. Ohhh you are a reserved person then

                  1. Sometimes, to some extent… I was thinking more of things like how I’m a Christian leaning conservative politically, but I play Dungeons & Dragons and listen to secular music, and many of my Christian friends disapprove of my hobbies, but many of my friends from those games hate Christianity and people who hold my political views. So I tend to keep quiet about things in groups where I don’t feel safe.

                  2. 😲your hobbies might seem mismatched to others..but you do you!😁🙌🏼

                  3. That’s exactly what I mean, I’ll do me, but a lot of other people don’t like that, which is what makes it lonely sometimes.

                  4. 😭
                    well you are more than welcome to be yourself on wordpress!!💖

                  5. Thank you… although at times the Internet is even worse than real life when it comes to people putting others down.

                  6. Sorry, I feel like I’ve just been arguing with everything you were saying, and that’s not my intent. What I should be saying is thank you for not being one of those kind of people who puts others down.

                  7. It’s alright! I am happy that you opened up!💖

        1. Yesh!! Stay connected!❣

          1. I’m a faithful reader! Don’t worry…

  7. Great poem! It really makes you think… I believe that everyone is unique, because no one can have the exact same freckle in the exact same place. We are all a freckle apart… XD

    But on a more serious note, everyone is different, and we should celebrate our differences instead of putting others down😊

    1. 😂we all are a freckle apart!! undeniable!
      Thanks for the follow💖

  8. This is really well written! The questions you asked here arise in the minds of lots of people, wondering are they really special or just another identity serving a lifetime with no real purpose. Very well expressed, really good work!

    1. True! I suppose everyone can’t be unique/special but they are special to their loved ones❣

      1. That’s the perfect way to put it 🙂

  9. Omygossh! Such a lovely mixture of you.. thoughts!! Just found your amazing blog!

    1. 😁Welcome to Hmmm!! Glad you like my blog.. and many thanks for the follow betty❤🙌

      1. I really liked your blog! You’re welcome!!❤

        1. 😊Well then stay connected! I post something every weekend🙌

    1. Thank you for reading it!💖

  10. see the poem before liking it

    1. Thank you for visiting!

  11. Contradictory transparency in cloning?

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