45 thoughts on “Ask Me Anything”

        1. Ehmm kind of expected that you would skip it😆

          1. I am 16.6 years “young”, and besides writing I love listening to Music.. I can play the piano, a little guitar😁..but I am way out of practice😭 I hardly get time!! I also sketch once a while.. so my interests are not interesting 🤥

          2. GOSH I am a total bookworm(been called that often).. thus can’t really answer what my fav book is..
          I am a potterhead, sherlock holmes fan.. Dan Brown, JK Rowling and Ashwin Sanghi are my fav novelists.. I mostly read mysteries crime and fantasy…
          I utterly dislike romances and biographies 🙃🙃 so get the gist😆
          The last book I read is We Are The Ants but been a while since I touched any novel🥺💔

          3. And no exams for me.. I am in class 11!! But I am quite busy preparing for JEE😭🤷‍♀️
          so don’t really have a lot of free time..as i have mentioned before😂😂 I do have weekly tests!! Yet I squeeze in time for the blog😬😉🤣

          Lol..too long..

          1. You do n’t like romances? How about the really funny ones?😂
            But your choices are really good!! will look for Dan Brown!
            3.) Jee preparation is hectic but it must be thrilling right? (A bit🧐)

    1. Initially I co-wrote on a different blog, which I started with my school friend during covid.. mostly cuz we were bored. But our friendship and blog kind of fell apart..
      I still wanted to continue blogging..so I made this one😁
      And the title “Hmmm” came just to annoy another friend😂 who wouldn’t let me respond Hmmm to any text🤷‍♀️so the entire blog is now called Hmmm😆

      I haven’t read hunger games..seen the movie😬😬😅worst words i ever said! Want to try throne of glass someday🙌🏼

    1. There is this kids cartoon show Doraemon and I was obsessed with it..and embarrassed to admit that i am still a fan😂

      JEE is like the SAT’s ..an entrance exam for engineering or research colleges. Its one of the toughest exam to crack and kind of a huge deal in India😅*very huge deal*

    1. 1. One of my favorite fictional characters is Robert Langdon from Dan Brown’s series..some others are Hermione Granger and Professor Snape without doubt!😁

      2. I am an ambivert.. uhm but I am mostly introvert😅😂

      3. Comedy, relatable plot and characters, lots of twists, mystries and a suspenseful ending makes a story worth reading!(for me)

      1. Thank you for the questions Riya, I’m glad to answer all those..🙏🏻🙂
        Well, It’s been 2.6 years now..
        My real experiences and observations

    1. I started blogging with my friend during july 2020.. because we were bored with covid and all. She lost interest😅but I wanted to continue so I made this new one!

      CURRENTLY my favorite book would be “The past and other things that should remain buried” movie would be Dear Evan Hansen ..though I haven’t finished watching it. Series.. Manifest!!

      I would say unlimited food as long as I don’t have to pay for it😂

      Thanks for these questions🤘Tell me your fav book!

    1. Fiction definitely!

      Fav fictional character probably rn is Robin Ellicott..it changes a lot😅 Non fictional..no idea🤷‍♀️

      3. Black color or white??

      😯ik!😥 Wish her best luck for Advance!👍

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