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Ask Me Anything

Ask me anything!! About the blog, about me, or any random things😁 P.s. max 3 qs 😂

45 responses to “Ask Me Anything”

  1. How old are you?? and what are your interests other than writing?
    Do you rea books? If yes, then which has been your favourite book ?
    You are having exams rn right?(

      1. Ok not the last and the first question:/ three at a time forgot to read that little text!

        1. Ehmm kind of expected that you would skip it😆

          1. I am 16.6 years “young”, and besides writing I love listening to Music.. I can play the piano, a little guitar😁..but I am way out of practice😭 I hardly get time!! I also sketch once a while.. so my interests are not interesting 🤥

          2. GOSH I am a total bookworm(been called that often).. thus can’t really answer what my fav book is..
          I am a potterhead, sherlock holmes fan.. Dan Brown, JK Rowling and Ashwin Sanghi are my fav novelists.. I mostly read mysteries crime and fantasy…
          I utterly dislike romances and biographies 🙃🙃 so get the gist😆
          The last book I read is We Are The Ants but been a while since I touched any novel🥺💔

          3. And no exams for me.. I am in class 11!! But I am quite busy preparing for JEE😭🤷‍♀️
          so don’t really have a lot of free i have mentioned before😂😂 I do have weekly tests!! Yet I squeeze in time for the blog😬😉🤣

          Lol..too long..

          1. 🙃u can get an extra qs since you are two people

          2. You do n’t like romances? How about the really funny ones?😂
            But your choices are really good!! will look for Dan Brown!
            3.) Jee preparation is hectic but it must be thrilling right? (A bit🧐)

            1. 🤣nah.. i havent tried a lot of romances..had bad luck when i started reading them😬
              Yeah..its hectic..12 hrs study a day!😒

  2. how did you get the idea of blogging and yeah same i am also book reader and my favourite hunger games and throne of glass series by sarah j mass

    1. Initially I co-wrote on a different blog, which I started with my school friend during covid.. mostly cuz we were bored. But our friendship and blog kind of fell apart..
      I still wanted to continue I made this one😁
      And the title “Hmmm” came just to annoy another friend😂 who wouldn’t let me respond Hmmm to any text🤷‍♀️so the entire blog is now called Hmmm😆

      I haven’t read hunger games..seen the movie😬😬😅worst words i ever said! Want to try throne of glass someday🙌🏼

      1. visit my blog to read throne of glass series

  3. same here preparation for jee 2023

    1. Ayyy..same pinch🤘🤓hows maths going

  4. Who is your favorite singer?

    1. Alec Benjamin🤩💖
      beautiful voice and I admire his song writing skills cause it’s a bit like poetry! Tell me yours!

  5. Alrighty, so since you’ve watched the Hunger Games movies, Peeta or Gale?

    1. Both are good..but Peeta has s more relatable story to me😂

  6. What’s something you’re a fan of, but you’re a little embarrassed to admit it?

    Also, what’s a JEE? I don’t think I’m from your country…

    1. There is this kids cartoon show Doraemon and I was obsessed with it..and embarrassed to admit that i am still a fan😂

      JEE is like the SAT’s entrance exam for engineering or research colleges. Its one of the toughest exam to crack and kind of a huge deal in India😅*very huge deal*

      1. I’ve heard of Doraemon, but I’ve never seen it. And good luck!

  7. Who is your favourite fictional character?
    Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
    What do you think makes a good story?

    1. 1. One of my favorite fictional characters is Robert Langdon from Dan Brown’s series..some others are Hermione Granger and Professor Snape without doubt!😁

      2. I am an ambivert.. uhm but I am mostly introvert😅😂

      3. Comedy, relatable plot and characters, lots of twists, mystries and a suspenseful ending makes a story worth reading!(for me)

  8. Ask me a question..
    That’s my question for you😊

    1. How long have you been blogging? Favorite topic to write on?
      Movies or series?

      1. Thank you for the questions Riya, I’m glad to answer all those..🙏🏻🙂
        Well, It’s been 2.6 years now..
        My real experiences and observations

        1. Woww! that is a quite a long time now! Have you ever taken breaks?
          🤩great topic!
          Ohh.. I prefer series😅

          1. Sometimes Riya, it’s depends and how about you?

            1. Hmmm my favorite topic is probably writing a message/story through poetry

  9. How’d you start blogging? What is your favourite book/movie/series? Finally, unlimited food or unlimited money??;)

    1. I started blogging with my friend during july 2020.. because we were bored with covid and all. She lost interest😅but I wanted to continue so I made this new one!

      CURRENTLY my favorite book would be “The past and other things that should remain buried” movie would be Dear Evan Hansen ..though I haven’t finished watching it. Series.. Manifest!!

      I would say unlimited food as long as I don’t have to pay for it😂

      Thanks for these questions🤘Tell me your fav book!

      1. Thanks for answering my questions!:)

        My favourite is Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo and a close second is Book Thief.

        Have a great day❤️

        1. I have read the Book thief! It is a great read!!

  10. 1. Fiction or non fiction readd?
    2.Fav fictional and nonfictional character?
    3.Ask me a question
    P.s I know jee preparations are hard my sister gave the 2021 jee this year..

    1. Fiction definitely!

      Fav fictional character probably rn is Robin changes a lot😅 Non idea🤷‍♀️

      3. Black color or white??

      😯ik!😥 Wish her best luck for Advance!👍

  11. From which place to originate…..

    1. Maharashtra, India.
      What about u?

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