Hearts For Sale

Hearts for sale! Hearts for sale!
Young and beating hearts for sale!
Cost of one, even I can pay,
Cost of two is a perilous play..

I am writing this poem is in parts/chapters and given below is how the first part goes..

Part 1 : A Silly Naive Boy

A silly, naive boy,
Of six and ten years,
On a business of sleuth,
Came into this harpy town.

On a quest for a heart,
He was close to his destination,
He asked this borough,
For further direction.

He asked the mayor,
He asked the sheriff,
And for every answer,
He paid its tarriff.

He is moneyed, Oh my!
A silly, naive, rich boy,
Let’s make a fool of him,
If only for some vile joy!

The silly naive boy walking down,
To west of the town square,
Through narrow alleys, shadowed stalls,
With rotten-black antiquities, however rare!

Left, right, left, and another left.
Brought him to the market’s pride,
It’s hefty guidepost reading :

continued on Saturday as a collab post!!! Excited😁

Author: Riya

Trying to feel and make you feel "NOT ALONE."

49 thoughts on “Hearts For Sale”

  1. Excellent piece. The irony is simply marvellous. I admire the way you portray the innocence of your character, and the scorn of society, and the eagerness of some to take advantage of him. Amazing!

      1. btw is it normal to get spam comments on ur single post all the time😂
        which are really sweet. but well repeating😂😂 cus they have weird links attached to them.
        but they look so pleasing!!. was reading the 104 spam comments😂😂

        1. 😂OMG 104!
          I received only a couple on this blog.. but yeah it is normal😆🙄
          It sucks when some really good comments end in the spam and you don’t find it until weeks later😶 happy spamming!

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