Hearts For Sale(2)

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Helloooooo!!! Here is the second chapter of hearts for sale.. click here for the first one! This is exciting😁
The poem was a collab with Sambhav from Novels Around The World! Check his blog out.. he has started a story of his own!

And I haven’t shared music in a while.. so here is a completely unrelated song that I love!!!

Chapter 2- Jack’o and Billy

The naive boy,
With a shine in his eyes,
Walked through the gates.

‘Twas a mesmerising sight.
One would think trade of hearts,
Would look ghastly, But,
What a mesmerising sight!!

Trees with red-yellow drapes,
Rich purple-lilac leaves,
Thousand of blue speckles,
Beautiful jars of hearts,
Covering the sky entirely.

Ahh.. Mother God! Another one!
Said a smug voice in a corner-
Same as the others, flushed cheeks,
Wide eyes, As desperate as everyone.

Out stepped a tiny man,
Crooked teeth, Wide eyes,
Sooted face, dusty clothes,
Very unlike the room itself!

“Come near boy,
I am gonna call you Billy,
Meself be Jack’o”

“What is this place! So beautiful!
Do you really sell hearts?”

Oh no Billy! You shouldn’t have asked that…

Jack’o starts rambling-
“Sell? Sell!!? No lad,
Let me tell you how the bargain goes

Runaway Billy, Its not too late yet…

Author: Riya

Trying to feel and make you feel "NOT ALONE."

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