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Hearts For Sale(3)

Hey friends and readers!! Click here for the first and second chapter OR

Incase you don’t have enough time or are just lazy🙃 I bring you…

The Story So Far-

A naive youth has come across a wicked town in search for a heart/lover. He is invited to the town market where he comes across a gate announcing- “Hearts For Sale, Young and beating, Hearts For Sale”

Eyes full of hope, he enters through the gates and finds himself in a beautiful vibrant forest with thousands of hearts floating around.

The caretaker/ trader of the forest is Jack’O who names our protagonist as Billy. Jack’O explains the bargain and its terms to Billy- the heart that beats for you is yours to take, for free!

Unfortunately Billy/Youth found no hearts that beat for him. After a fruitless search, he begged Jack’O if there were any other hearts out there for him? Jack’O replies-

“There is but one field left,
A mile away from here,
Through the hollow, under the dusky tree,
But you should give up hope son,
The only hearts there,
Are the ones,
Which don’t beat for no man…”

Chapter 3- Thud! Throb! Pound!

Under the impression of pity,
Jack’o ushers Billy to the dusky tree,

Ancient Tree, Nele Diel on ArtStation at | Fantasy tree, Ancient tree,  Fantasy landscape

Once again lad, don’t be a believer,
The most gorgeous men have failed,
To receive even a quiver, of these stone hearts,
No man at all! It’s a true scare!”

What about a woman Jack’O?

A woman? *scoff* a woman has no place to choose hearts! Women must not ever walk these grounds.
You, Billy, ‘ave a sweet face,
And a hungry heart, ever so charming,
Mother God, I’d say you never quit lad, but,
Meself will stop right ‘ere,
Go ahead, best wishes n’ worst horrors!

The young naive youth,
With still a flicker of hope,
Fell down the rabbit hole,
In a place darker than night,
Attacked by snakes and creeps,
Mice and fleas, and what not else.

Now you’ve see,
Hearts for sale,
Hearts for sale,
What a ghastly scene!

I am appalled Billy,
Why would you even desire these hearts,
Dirty, black, unwanted. Seemingly-
Cursed, wicked, sinned hearts!

He takes one gasp for air,
And Thud! Throb! Pound!
Thud! Throb! Pound!
Thud! Throb! Pound!

Every heart there,
Pumped after a millenium,
Thud! Throb! Pound!
They shook the earth,
Thud! Throb! Pound!

Billy’s trapped,
Thud! Throb! Pound!
Jack’O is terrified,
Thud! Throb! Pound!

How Billy? Why Billy?
Thud! Throb! Pound!
No man ever, never,
Thud! Throb! Pound!

What’s that lad done?
Thud! Throb! Pound!
Shouts for help,
Thud! Throb! Pound!
A rope, A rescue,
Thud! Throb! Pound!

Jack’O pulls out Billy,
Thud! Throb! Pound!
And pulls out the covert(secret),
Thud! Throb! Pound!

uhmm yeah continued next time(;

Comment and let me know what you think the secret was? Why do these hearts beat for Billy?

19 responses to “Hearts For Sale(3)”

  1. maybe because Billy hoped they will beat for him even the rusted hearts?
    it all depends on if he completely fell over jack ‘O ‘s exhorting!
    Nice one Riya!

    1. 🤔that’s acceptable..but you are not close🤭
      Thank you!!

      1. Duh !! not helping😂
        okay just tell this you will be doing the secret adn all in fourth partttttttttttt

        1. 😂😂 saturday pt4! probably last

  2. But why the title…HEART FOR SALE

    1. Ahh there is a verse in the first chapter which led to this title..
      “Hearts for sale, Hearts for sale,
      Young and beating, hearts for sale,
      The cost of one, even I can pay,
      The cost of two, is a perilous play.”

      1. Great….It seems u like poetry….Same here….U can go through my writings too…..I am fondly reading ur writings….God bless u dear

        1. Yes!! I will definitely check out your poems.. Thank you so much!

          1. I m following u now..😊😊

  3. Wow! This was amazing, Riya! I thoroughly enjoyed every line of it. You’ve crafted such an exceptional world with your poetry and I love the style you use. Waiting for the next part!

  4. Beautiful

      1. Pleasure being around you …

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