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Hearts For Sale(4)

God I procastinated a lot for this chapter… but managed to finish it before Saturday😂I present to you ‘the secret’ of billy-

Also for you unfortunate people who missed the previous chapters- Click here for first, second and third ones..

Chapter 4- Yes, I am a –

Thud! Throb! Pound!
Terror occupied myself,
I screamed with all my might.
A rope fell through the hollow,
I grasped for it tight.

As panic gulped me down,
Jack’O pulled me out.
Those curs-ed hearts stopped pounding,
But my problems didn’t end.

I look at Jack’o,
His face was pale, and frightened,
Probably mirroring my own,
But our fears were unalike.

My fear was the earthquake,
(Rearrange: heartquake)
While, Jack’O seemed to have seen a ghost.

I turned around to check,
But I saw only the dead dusky tree,

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I realise Jack’o ain’t afraid, he is enraged,
Ohh no! Why would that be?

“Jack’O what happened? What’s wrong?
Tell me please. What? How? Why?”

You! What are you Billy??!!
Mother God! Your hair boy!
They have darkened and stretched,
What are you?? You tell me!?

Ohh peaches, My wig is gone!
My true long hair have fallen down,
Ohh good lord, he knows!

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Another flood of panic,
And I scream and I cry,
Not even bothering to thicken my voice.

“Don’t be angry Jack’O,
I will explain this, please”

Mother god, Mother god,
You are not a man!
I see you now, devil,
Stay away from me,
I am so stupid,

shouldnt’ve let you in,
No- don’t come near,
You silly foolish girl,
That high pitch voice,
The sweet round face,
You are a

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“yes, I am a wom-“

“An abomination! A devil!
No woman must be here,
These hearts are not for them!!”

“Then why are there so many hearts,
Not for sale, Hidden from us,
Hearts that are eager,
For a woman,
Beating so strong, thundering,
For a woman,
As me to buy(love) them!”

They are cursed, sinned,
They don’t beat for no man-“

“Because they yearn for a woman,
They belong to a woma- Aaahh”
Jack’O is twisting my arm.

“Aahh stop! stop, you are hurting me,
If I were a man you wouldn’t tr-“
A harsh smack on my face.
“I need a heart, they are mine to tak-“
Another strong smack.

Stop talking foolish girl,
You should go away, get out,
You are not supposed to be here,
Get out! You are never welcome,

Not in this shop, nor this market,
Nor this town! Get out Billy!!!”

Chapter 5- TBC

yup I know I said 4th would be last one, but there is a chapter 5!!!

Halfway through this week I found 2 alternate endings to Billy’s story. I couldn’t decide which one to choose😅😅 I will be posting both of them in the evening tomorrow morning(because I am a lasy ass🙂🙂🙂) (plus this post was becoming toooo longg.)

Which do you prefer- Loneliness or Death. (beware- you might change ur answer tmmrw)

I also have a small/big, exciting/not that exciting announcement. Tomorrow🙂

Ahh don’t act pissed.. I know you will come back, tomorrow😂

10 responses to “Hearts For Sale(4)”

  1. oooo nice Riya!!!!
    what are you planning tomorrow?
    what is the suprise announcement!!??
    what do you want to suggest by asking us death or lonliness?
    i would prefer death😃 ~kUNJAL!

    1. Thanks kunjal❤❤
      well it won’t be a surprise if i tell you!😂
      👍u will understand tmrw abt death or loneliness

      1. at least a hinttttttttttttt. Oh u passed 200 followers!! rightee?

        1. 😂😁yeeahhhhhhh!!!

          1. 1) i guessed it
            2) you passed 2 hundred
            i need pats on my shoulder~~

            1. Hugs for u😂🤗🤗

  2. i would prefer loneliness for him in the end

  3. i am seeing a surprise is planned for tomorrow will see what it is

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