Hii!! 😁 I have exciting news.. atleast exciting for me.. I have no classes next week😁😁😁 (Its for Diwali break💖) so I MIGHT start working on a crime series🙂 MIGHT!

Anyways get on with today’s post.. it is purely fiction incase you have QUESTIONS…😃🤓 Listen while you read-

Someday I would have named you friend,
Maybe even more if it were meant,
But our childish fights never did end..

An enemy, a frenemy, a foe:
Why not did you let us grow…

Why did you, pray tell me, choose not to see,
That for all locks, we were the master key…

Love Your ENEMY? - Calvary Presbyterian Church

Wish you weren’t my greatest fears,
Wish you weren’t my pathetic tears.

Wish you weren’t my every third thought,
Wish you weren’t my paradise unsought.

Stress: Friend, Enemy, or Frenemy? - HRHQ No1 Choice for HR News & Resources

You, a knight of darkness and me,
The queen of every night,
But two of us?
The sun could not shine as bright!

I had seen a unique brilliance and shine,
Ohh if only you had agreed to be mine!

person on forest photo – Free Forest Image on Unsplash

A beautiful dream from us you robbed,
Or maybe I caused this broken bond,
Because I never told you I was fond…

6 Exciting New Enemies to Lovers Romances - Harlequin Ever After

Also, before I/you go.. two days are left for submitting an entry in the song memories competition!! Hope you participate💖💖

Author: Riya

Trying to feel and make you feel "NOT ALONE."

19 thoughts on “Frenemy”

    1. 🤩🤩💯ikr!! Hope you and ur family have a happy diwali💕💥 and I bless you to get your heartful share of sleep😁😂

  1. Diwali vacs are the best time😫🤍
    And I cannot wait for your crime series! (IF you plan to start)💃🏻💃🏻
    Loved the rhyming of the poem❤

  2. Good for you… Same here😁 will have some free time on my hands. Will get to do the Sunshine Blogger challenge too😅 it’s really been over due.

    And special shout out to that song 🎶🎶🎶

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