The Song Memories Competition

Heeeeeeeey! It’s Riya here! I have decide to host a competition as the title suggests🙌🥳(hahaha I am reposting this) (yeah i am reposting this again… today is the last day for submition!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Idea

You have to submit a diary journal describing a FUN memory or a day that you enjoyed the most. It can be fiction or non-fiction.. or both mixed. Make it realistic as well as creative!
For the song part, submit a song(with artist) that goes along with the memory. For example, I used the song “Closure- by Hayd” in this post... and there you have it : A Song Memory✌💖

Word limit – 300

Where To Submit?

Fill out this google form-

Incase it doesn’t open, send your journal entry via my Contact page!
Or send an email to

The win prizes-

Haha nothing! I am a cheap person😂😂
But since shoutouts on my blog are literally free, you will get a shoutout based on your song and memory-

  1. The Best Song
  2. The Best Memory Description(and by best I mean most creative)
  3. The Best Overall
  4. Special Mentions(incase I really reaally love yours, but can’t give any of the above to you I will give your blog a shoutout😅)
  5. Last and the least– A Participant– you awesome person will get to read an entry of my own!😂😂

But what matters is that you have fun💖✌

Best luck to all of you!!!(and me bcoz I am the cruel judge🙃)

Author: Riya

Trying to feel and make you feel "NOT ALONE."

56 thoughts on “The Song Memories Competition”

  1. Okay, I’m definitely participating in this. I love the idea of the contest! And It IS hard to decide the prizes for a contest😂 I’ll send my entry soonnnnnnnn, and what’s the last day?

    1. I only got a couple of entries..and the last submission date is 1 nov, so probably next weekend🙂 ik ik so far away!!!
      Srry you have to wait so long😔Feel free to edit ur submission or write one more😁both will be considered!

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