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Heyy guys, forgive me for being M.I.A the last week😅 I have missed a lot of posts you’ve written, so plsss link your posts below and I’ll catch up with your blogs🥺💖

And btw this is not the mystery series I was talking about.. this is just a small story, “Quiet” or I could have named it “Loud”, will see what happens…

Ahh! Empty hostel, my laptop fully charged, good Wi-fi, and new season of Nancy Drew. Nothing could ruin this friday night!

Cozy in blankets in bed watching Twin Peaks on Netflix on a silver laptop  while drinking latte coffee. stock photo  af7ddf1c-c71c-430f-bf8e-3027d0fd4c8c

Ughh! Why did I think that! Now something will jinx my plans..

And just like that, Anshita busted into my room.

Come on Cinderella! Get a move on.. you must go outside and actually meet real people.” dragging my arm and shutting my laptop.. “There is a party in half an hour.. be quick pari!

I was tired, and I definitely had no interest in socializing.

No thanks Ansh, and pretty sure no one wants the..uhm uhmm.. pleasure” I said with a smirk, “of meeting me. I am not going!

haha.. you’re right. You’re a jerk.. a self-conscious jerk” She said pulling apart the mess I call a wardrobe. “But no jerk should wear pajamas to a party

Ansh I told you I am not- ” I took a deep breath .. realising there was no point in arguing with Anshita, the drama queen, what she said always goes, “I uh- no one would even want to talk to me.. you know.. also I have a headache coming up..”

{TO THOSE OF YOU WHO DON’T KNOW- Parties are the loneliest places ever. Small talks and gossip- not really my scene. and definitely not dancing.}

That is not even a good excuse! You’re coming. End of discussion. Wear this,” handing me a blue starry dress, my one and only dress, which I had stowed at the far back, never to be worn.

“Wha- How did you even find this? I have no dresses!” I scoffed.

Haha, you actually do, cause I gifted this to you 4 years ago! You’ve never worn it!”

With good reason” I mumbled while Ansh pushed me in the bathroom to get changed.

As she slammed the door behind me, she shouted an expected response, “I heard that, Jerk!

And she locked me in. Take my word, getting locked in your own bathroom is way lonelier than going to a party, so I wore that starry dress, repeating one sentence in my mind- YOU WILL NOT HAVE ANY FUN TONIGHT.

Hey ansh, are you humming? Is that a new song? Anything from my genre?

What? I am not humming, I haven’t touched pop culture in a month dude.

Pop is not all bad.. have you heard Taylor has-

Blah blah blah. And I was not humming.. It could be crickets in there.”

Yeah.” Crickets, fleas and actually any kind of bugs were a vital part of any Indian hostel student’s experience . And don’t forget the magnificent lizards! Ahh, their thoughts always motivate me to get ready faster.

That was quick, not even 5 minutes.” said Ansh, impressed.

Well, the quicker we leave, the sooner we come back.

Aaye!! That’s the attitude girl! Wohooo!

Realisation par Alexandra - Navy Star dress 🌟 their... - Depop

I glanced a look in the mirror, my very short hair barely brushed, a light touch of makeup, and a starry dress, trying its best to make me look pretty, but just making me uncomfortable.

And I said to myself- The quicker we leave, the sooner we’ll come back.


Sorry.. the post is getting too long.. I will continue the rest of it in the next post..

Part2– here

27 responses to “Quiet(pt1)”

    1. Thanks! How are you?

  1. nice going riyaaaaaaaaa! sums up the hostel experience!

    1. 😁💖Thanks! Good to be back btw😂

    1. Glad you liked it🙂💖

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  3. Well written! Can’t wait for the nex-
    Oh nvm the next part already there…lemme go read it!

  4. loved it! great gng riya😊

    1. Thnx for reading!!😁

  5. I have a feeling, she’s going to meet someone who is going to change her life forever at that party😁

    1. Hehe.. she will meet someone.. but its not a love story😉😁

      1. Ohhhhh☹️ thot twas a Lovestory🤗

        But here for all of the story, am already hooked.

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  7. That dress rocks!

      1. It’s Riya in dress format 👍

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