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Quiet (epilogue)

Everyone loves a quiet girl, right?

Omg.. i have procastinated this for too long.. today mean today! (or tomorrow) no.. today..





Ansh sips her glass of lemonade.. [coffee was never her thing… and I agree with her.. coffee is kinda overrated 🙂 … shusshhh.. let’s just agree to disagree .. coz I have to finish this story SOON .. shhhh]

so yeah.. a sip of lemonade… 1.15 am .. Pari, blissfully unconscious on the hospital bed, shifts to her right, where Ansh was sitting.

Wr-wrong.. I was wrong” she grumbles while trying to open her eyes.

it’s okay Pari.. everything is all right.. you rest .. I’ll be here all night.” Ansh reassures.

But the warnings Ansh-

Don’t worry about it.. I was unnecessarily hyper about it.. they were nothing.”

Huh? What? You? You are saying they mean nothing!! What the helL Ansh! I passed out because of them!!”

No.. no.. calm down… it was not the warnings Pari, they were nothing. The doctor said it was only a terrible mix of headache, stress, and drinking.

hmmm.. sure.. we shouldn’t have gone out at all tonight.”

I am sorry about the party.. just sleep Pari, listen to me-

“No, you listen to me.. tonight is all your fault! You never hear what I say. Always too busy about your own f8cking problems.. I begged you to not take me to the party… and you didn’t listen. you said you would not leave me alone.. yet the moment you meet Indranil.. you forget all about me!!

Ansh cries- “That was totally not my fault.. Sam was

What is wrong with you!! Don’t blame Sam because you are not a good friend to me!!

Uhh– I am not what?” Ansh is shocked.

You are not a good friend!!” Pari shouts.

Really dude? Not a good friend! Would ‘not a good friend’ maintain your life 24*7?” ansh snaps.
Would she not look out for you, all the time?! Would she leave the love of her life with a witch [this is sam btw coz.. she just is a witch] because you drank too much and can’t socialize or take care of herself for one night!!”


uhh.. okay! you shut up and rest.. you don’t know what you are talking about. What has gotten into you.. you are acting differently.”

Differently.. you mean not the quiet girl who you thought you could push around all the time.. no no dude.. this is the real me.. ” says Pari.

[guys.. this girl be too sarcastic and angry.. steer clear of her (: ]

What.. push you ar-”

Shh.. Don’t interrupt let me finish.. I figured out what the warnings were about.. to speak out for myself .. no more being manipulated by you.. no more being a therapist to Sam.. no more pretending the shy- good girl… this is what everyone thinks about me.. right??

Uhmm.. yeah.. but everybody likes that about you.. who doesn’t like a friend who actually listens to them..”

Exactly.. I just wish that even my friend will actually listen to me someday.

Come on Pari.. I’ll be better from now.. please just rest tonight” Ansh begs.

Leave me alone. And when I wake up.. I hope I don’t see your face..”

Hmmm. I’ll go.. take care.. call me if you need anything” Ansh says, going out the door.

Don’t count on it

I heard that, jerk” , the not expected answer considering the fight they just had. Ansh slams the door and walks away.

Pari stares at the ceiling listening to Ansh’s heel taps as they fade away.

She wipes the tears on her face..

And then everything was quiet.

Yeah… hmmm.. this is the end.. done.. finished. *SIGH *
A louder *SIGH*

so…. what do you think?? What do you wish for the characters? What have you learned from them? (don’t say sarcasm)
let me know!! mOve those fingers and type comments!!

And despite my sighs and procastination.. this was very fun to write!!😁😁✌️🙌 Hope you had as much fun reading!💖

17 responses to “Quiet (epilogue)”

  1. Yayyyy another part 🙂
    Amazing! I don’t have much to say rn but I cannot waiiiit for the next!

    1. 😅say it all Stara.. this was the last part. 😬

      1. Wha-
        Aw it was?
        I mean that is kind of an ending…
        You could write more tho?
        Heheheh, I liked it so much I didn’t realize that was the end.
        Anyway, I’m sure you will write other things🤣🤣

        1. 😂i could write more… but next year maybe. I am so happy you liked it❤❤

  2. Yayayayaya it’s dope🥲🤌🏻
    But finished?! We need season 2 eps 1..2..3…😂
    Waiting for more such stuff🤤

    1. 🤣🤣season 2..when my life becomes more interesting. 💩
      Wait. And wait.😇

      1. Go dieee b-🌚🥰

  3. Twas worth the wait I liked it you should write more stories

    1. 🤗💖thanks simran!! will think abt it!

    1. ‘ dont think ‘soo good’ as so good pudding. but this one kept it guessing till the end!
      Ok. Nice work dude!. ( you wanna hear that😂 was that even a suspense?)

      1. 😁😂😂hehe.. thank you duo!!

  4. Hi Riya! Sharing a link to my post which might provide you an idea to knit into your story. I believe that you can pour something more into your thrilling tale.

    I did not share it earlier because I felt that you had already mind mapped your story and my idea might interfere with it.

    Keep on writing my friend and here’s the link –

    1. Thanks Harshi.. I will check it out😁

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