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What is it about?

I have an answer to this question. If you give me your answers maybe I will write a whole new post.✌️🙂

57 responses to “What is it about?”

  1. It’s about earth? Idk I’m not sure 😊🤔

    1. If you think it is! Everyone can have a different answer..and they can all be right. ✌🏻

  2. It’s about living life for a while 😂

    1. 😲i like that! Thnx for reading Nehal✌🏻

  3. It’s about being a drop in the ocean, yet every drop counts. It’s about Ikigai!

    1. 🤔That is a really good answer… thought provoking.. thank you!

      1. Glad you liked it! Good luck with the post. I’m sure you’ll come up with something interesting. 😀

    1. Thanks Greg!! Good to hear this from you🤗

        1. A very interesting read👏

  4. Tis about nobody and nothing.

    1. Ahh so everything is about nothing… so remarkable and curious!! My mind loves this answer😁✌️

      1. Or another- Its about all the thoughts sitting at the back of someone’s head.
        Or another- It’s about getting to know yourself.
        Or another- It’s about life and death.

        1. 🤭woah woah… these are all interesting.. but which do you believe is everything 😂

          1. Nothing and nobody and nothing and nobody (:

  5. It’s about happiness and sadness

  6. May be it’s about seeking peace and happiness!

    1. Yes definitely maybe😁✌🏻

  7. its maybe about going with the flow! in life. or
    just a waterfall.

    1. 🤩aayyy..beautiful answer

  8. It’s about nothing but everything. Or maybe it’s about hate?! Also can be mind..

    1. Yes it can be! Thank you for reading!

      1. Welcome! I am curiously waiting for the unique answer.

  9. Funny how I had an answer until when I read through the comments. I’ll just leave it at every answer is justifiable.

    1. Hehe correct… I would still like to know your answer though!!
      Also, welcome to Hmmm!🤗 It is your first read,right?

      1. I say everything is about opinion.

  10. It’s about the tiniest of the things/people/experiences in our lives. It’s about US. It has no limit and no definition.

    I hope you get it..🙄😶

    1. Yes!! I absolutely get it!!
      Thank you for this beautiful answer✌🏻

  11. Everything is about nothing 😪
    Or maybe more like The world doesn’t revolve around you-
    Life is like a bicycle ride?🚲not so easy tho😂

    1. genius in the making!🙂🙃but boohoo no answers can be wrong🥲✌️😂

      1. 😂😂yesss! Go on waiting for ur thoughts🌚

    1. 🙌Hii welcome to Hmmm!!!😁🤗
      Would you like to answer the question?

      1. Sure I’ll reply very soon😁

  12. Is it about the universe?? Or is it about the little things in life that bring a smile to our faces? Idk, it could be about anything really.

    Loved this post, it was so thought provocative and so intriguing. Also, loved the other responses on this post!

    1. it could be anything and Everything 😁
      Thank you!

  13. […] days week ago I asked you “What is everything about?” And I got some pretty wonderful answers.. I love reading every single one.. thank you so much!!🤩💖 And here is mine…(also, I […]

  14. It’s about fulfilling your personal potential and using your abilities to help others. It’s about leaving the world better than you found it, working with others for positive changes. It’s about creating beautiful art, music, buildings, gardens, and literature…it’ about life-saving new drugs and medical treatments…Awaiting your answer, Riya! 🙂

    1. 🤩beautiful answer Cheryl!!! Thank you for responding! My answer is in this post-
      Hope you have a great read❤

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