57 thoughts on “What is it about?”

      1. Or another- Its about all the thoughts sitting at the back of someone’s head.
        Or another- It’s about getting to know yourself.
        Or another- It’s about life and death.

  1. Everything is about nothing 😪
    Or maybe more like The world doesn’t revolve around you-
    Life is like a bicycle ride?🚲not so easy tho😂

  2. Is it about the universe?? Or is it about the little things in life that bring a smile to our faces? Idk, it could be about anything really.

    Loved this post, it was so thought provocative and so intriguing. Also, loved the other responses on this post!

  3. It’s about fulfilling your personal potential and using your abilities to help others. It’s about leaving the world better than you found it, working with others for positive changes. It’s about creating beautiful art, music, buildings, gardens, and literature…it’ about life-saving new drugs and medical treatments…Awaiting your answer, Riya! 🙂

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