Chocolate Bits

That time isn’t very long ago,
When we would beg our juniors for,
A chocolate every lunch break.

Desperate afternoons, right?
Bunk our preps, just to feel rebellious,
Go off to the school’s ‘corner’ of secrets,
Talk about anything and everything,
Over that half bit of chocolate.

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It doesn’t seem very long ago to me,
I remember it all, fondly, do you?
Not to be presumptuous,
But I don’t think you remember ‘us’,
Because your name,
Hasn’t pinged my phone for a while.

Of course its okay,
Chocolates melt with time,
And their sweetness fades.
They leave us with the flavor,
And our brains full of pleasure,
So do school friendships.

Yet sometimes I hope that you would text me,
“Hi, are you free to talk?”
“Yes, I am, we have so much to catch up on!”


Though when your messages show up,
I can’t find anything to share with you.

I guess, the fault is in the distance and time,
But some day I will knock your door,
With a chocolate bumper in my hand.
And maybe we’ll talk about anything and everything,
Like we used to,
Over a half bit of chocolate.

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This is a partly true story.. I wish my school friends would message me more often.. and when they finally do.. I have nothing to talk about🙄😭😭 sad and annoying as hell!! What about you? Have a friend to share chocolates with?

Author: Riya

Trying to feel and make you feel "NOT ALONE."

40 thoughts on “Chocolate Bits”

  1. Awww! This is so touching yrr💗💗Those lunch breaks and chocolates and the fear of lunch break getting over before reaching the class! Omg! Nostalgic!
    Well penned, Riya!💖
    Haha! Most of my friends were from maths stream and they are at the college😓😭😭Me, still waiting.. waiting.. and waiting! Till Eternity, I guess😭😭

    1. OMg yes… teachers didn’t allow us to eat them🙄😂😂but we did everyday!
      Lol… most of my friends are in bio or commerce😶and I am waiting too I guess😭
      Thank you ash💖

  2. I share my chocolates with myself and I am my own diary! 😌

    But I definitely want to find someone with whom I’ll share my chocolates happily. Not half, but all of it…

    Great post!💜

  3. Knowing you from a long time..yes it’s a true story and maybe I know who it’s actually for.
    I miss it all too! Music room diaries with you hold a different place in my heart😂❤
    The 4th Para is so deep tho🥺
    Lets fight over eclairs and melody once more 🤣 Or maybe Parle G and Monaco😉😂

    1. 😂i think you do know.. Ayy tru.. music room, and sir ko jo mile woh chocolates lena😂😂
      What’s there to fight.. we know what we will each take😂😂

  4. My dear Riya, one is really fortunate if one has a friend whose presence you can enjoy in silence. The silence has it’s own language! I do hope you find such a friend. Ofcourse may you have plenty with whom you can share a piece of chocolate.

    Also, don’t wait up. Instead, reach out.

    I love your story. It’s poured from the depths of your heart and that’s what makes it beautiful!

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