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Forever Fifteen

This post is based on/ inspired by the song Forever Fifteen– Mothica.

So, today was a bad day. Actually this entire week has been a downer. So this one just to let out my pessimistic vibes…

New Honest Comics About Mental Health Illustrated With Dinosaurs

I have also found these great/sarcastic/relatable/amazing graphics check them all out @ boredpanda!

I can’t take it, all the damage done,
Wanna sink into oblivion,

I am not worth believing in,
I won’t ever make it, nor have a win,
Kindly, don’t have the nerve to say,
That I am enough, and it’ll be okay.

New Honest Comics About Mental Health Illustrated With Dinosaurs

They say that it’s not that bad.
What does that even mean?
This is the life I am failing,
And it is not only about me,
The earth is degrading,
Humans as a society are collapsing,
No, I am not exaggerating,
Everything is worse than they all think.

New Honest Comics About Mental Health Illustrated With Dinosaurs

You’re too young to be this sad.
Then when would depression be appropriate?
If teenage is too young,
Would it be okay to be sad,
At the ripe age of 75?

New Honest Comics About Mental Health Illustrated With Dinosaurs

Makes you wanna do something that you can’t take back,
Stuck in my head, out of control,
It is a mess, which I can’t carry anymore,
So don’t pretend to be surprised,
When I will be lost tomorrow.

New Honest Comics About Mental Health Illustrated With Dinosaurs

Hope you don’t relate to this post too much. If you do feel depressed, please, let it out. Tell someone.. rant about it.. cry your heart out.. just let it out of your system. You’ll feel better. And even though shouting on the rooftop, won’t solve any of your problems.. trust me, letting it out will make you feel better! If you want someone to talk to contact me!
🤗🤗Hugs/Fist bumps🤜🤛.. whichever might make you comfortable💖✌️🙂

35 responses to “Forever Fifteen”

  1. I love these dino comic strips

    1. ✌🏻🙂ik they seem se accurate!

  2. Ahh the poem was so great and the graphics too! I love dino comics! I really hope you feel happyy soon, Rii!🤧🤍

  3. Your eyes are in your head 😂😂

    1. 😂it is a good point tho

  4. Great post, Ruj❤❤
    Hope to see you happy and up sooooonn!💕🤗

  5. the comic strips are so good! and the song too!
    great post! ray!
    hope you are fine!. and even if you aren’t, you are normal enough😉

    1. 😂😂✌🏻tru tru

  6. Love the comic strips! BoredPanda is indeed the best place for memes or some artwork, or just to kill time in general.

    I really hope everything goes out well for you, and hope you’re doing okay now ❤🤗

    1. Yeah! I learnt about it during covid so.. kudos to wasting time😂
      Thank you ss!💛

    1. Thank you! And welcome to my blog😁✌🏻

  7. Ahh relatable asf🙂✨
    🫂Eberthing bill be phine me ijj here😂
    The comic strips tho😭 Love ’em🤌🏻

    1. 🌚🌝shoo go abay… i mean … uhmm uk what i mean❤😂

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  9. Hmm…teenagers do feel depressed sometimes, its okay to be so, but some people don’t understand that. Wonderfully expressed. 🙂

    1. You are right, some people are even ignorant about depression😔 Thanks!
      Also, welcome to Hmmm friend, what is your name?

  10. Dear Rya, An interesting Narrative.

  11. Amazing dude…and each dino comic is also brilliant

        1. I am confused on what your name is…

          1. It’s tulika anand…. ZETHERA BARTER is my pen name

            1. Ah okkay! Imma call u zee😂if it’s cool

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  13. What a lovely, alive poem! The imagery is gorgeous. ❤

    1. Eesh thank you!! Welcome to Hmmm🧡😁
      I wrote this like 2 months ago… cringey to see the bad place i had been in😬😳😂 thank you for your comment!

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