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Working Hard

The cityscape behind the Matthew’s Park was peeking through the birch trees. Emily was staring at the scenery through the hospital room’s window.

It is a beautiful view isn’t it?” said the nurse working on her grandpa’s monitors.

“Yeah, sure.” she slightly smiles and returns to the corner she had declared her office. She sunk into her laptop.  She had roughly 30 tabs open, her word document was unsaved,  emails from her boss were chiming in every 5 minutes, and her coffee cup was bearing one last drop.

“Are you okay, sweetie?” 

Of course, just busy.. have to work” She was not in the mood to admire the view, nor had the patience for small talk.

“Well, I will leave you to it then, just ring if you need something.”

The nurse left and Emily vanished into her now-frozen laptop.

She was tired. All her hard work and sleepless nights were catching up to her. When she was called about Grandpa’s latest attack, her mind had just packed its bag and gone away for a vacation. Now, her body was dozing off too..

Grandpa had woken up and awakened Emily along with him. “Ahh… you are not dead Emily. Glad you finally woke up.”

Grandpa!! You are okay!!” she jolted and gave him a hug.

Of course Em, I ain’t going to meet god this soon.” he says “Now remove that frown on your face and let’s .. what do they say.. let’s hangout.”

Emily realizes her “office” was a mess and her laptop hadn’t sent any of her mails. She was fretting and couldn’t hide it from her Grandpa.

What’s wrong Em?”

Nothing.. just a terrible day at work..” Em sits by his bedside and tries to ignore the fact that she might soon be fired.

Do not lie to me Emily. Is everything all right?

Yeah yeah.. just tired. The grind doesn’t stop heh.

“Tell me, why do you work so hard?”

Emily answers without a second thought “For my job, for money... “

Working hard at your job isn’t everything” he interrupts ” if it were.. then why are you so miserable?”

Uhmmm it is nothing.. I will be fine in a while Pa. Please don’t worry,” she tries to reassure “Do you want anything to eat? We can talk later, a doctor will be here soon anyways..

I see.. you are trying to change the subject– “

A nurse interrupts, “I am sorry, but the doctor will take a while to come.”

Okay, thanks” says Grandpa. He turns towards Emily and grins, “Looks like we have time to continue our conversation. What makes you happy Em?

Come on Grandpa.. where are you getting?” she gets up and walks to the window.

Hmm I will change the question.. if you love working hard, then why do you not put any effort in making yourself happy?

Emily looked at the beautiful view the park provided and replied after a while, “Because happiness shouldn’t require hard work. If sadness can come effortlessly then happiness should as well.”

Did you forget Emily? Nothing good comes without hard work…”

What do you think about this short story? Let me know in the comments. Should happiness need hard work?

and to those who are worried, I am feeling much better😇✌🏻 thnx for your support these last few days!💖

22 responses to “Working Hard”

  1. Good story, but I’m conflicted. I feel like they’re both right.

    1. Thank you!💖
      Yes, I think so too.. but can both the opinions be right?

  2. Ahh I loved this story! ❤
    And yeah same, even I’m confused about who is right here, but great storyy🤧

    1. Thnx Si🤗 Yeah.. it is a good mind twisting question isn’t it😂I just need the answer!!

  3. I agree about the line ‘If sadness can come effortlessly, then happiness should as well’, but even the grandpa is right that happiness also needs hard work😭

    1. 😭🙌I get you.. it is so frustrating !

  4. ‘If sadness can come effortlessly, then happiness should as well’, i agree to this line the most ❤ 💙 💜

    1. 🥺💖
      Thank you for reading Shivani!

  5. I am vouching more for emily. Happiness doesn’t come in my view effortlessly. Sadness doesn’t either. We just connect our present sadness in everything wrong we have been doing.
    I think happiness requires effort. Stitiches need to be weaved to get a beautiful pattern. Effort needs to be put…

    1. I mean i am vouching for grandpa.

    2. 🤩✌🏻that’s a great view K!

    3. I agree! Everything needs efforts..💕💕
      Awe-mazing Kunjal!
      And the story was tooo good, Ruj❤❤

  6. Great story riya.. And yah i agree with this.. Many situations come like this but staying happy is important.. We should never forget it.

    1. ✌️🙂true Ankita!

  7. Woah the story is so good! But it’s confusing to choose between the two opinions. Both seem equally right🤧💀

    1. 😭that is no acceptable answer!

  8. Aw that was a beautiful story! I think I’m with the grandpa, there’s a sense of satisfaction knowing you’ve done your part. But ‘sadness coming effortlessly’ is a bittersweet thought, life isn’t fair anyway.
    Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. 😄thank you Deepthy! ❤

  9. When work is what you love to do, then it is happiness!

    1. yus.. to that I must agree!

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