I was not gonna write a post… but I need to process this! It is a brand new year… and while 2021 has taught me zero, nothing, nada… 2022 doesn’t suck.. at least not for the first 8 hours (:

1 January.. its so short only 24 hrs…how can anyone process the loss of entire year!!!!

I am bummed… i don’t think I did enough things last year😭 but no regrets..

This year .. its gonna be better… I am probably most excited about offline classes.. they will start soon right? *pls say yes dear corona and omicron*

and the thing I am least excited about is.. wishing everyone A Happy New Year again and again… so pls try not to comment on this post.. I am lazy and wishing everyone again is a pain in the ass…

leaving on that hopeful note..


Author: Riya

Trying to feel and make you feel "NOT ALONE."

27 thoughts on “2022”

  1. I don’t even find today as first fay of “new year”. It’s just another same day to me😂
    You want dheeeer saari शुभकामनाएं? 🤣🤌🏻❤

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