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“replying to your assumptions”…
is what I am doing in this post….
check out my assumptions post here
still open to submissions…

thanks for the great response guys!!❤
i’ve split this in 2 parts cuz it was too long..
here I have assumptions of Siya, Ash, Gelina, Mic, Jan, Mimu..

and what’s my party without songs?!!-


1. You are good in studies (but of course, you’re not fond of it).
I mean.. if I understand it then I love studying 🤡but that is a rare phenomenon 😂😂

2. You are more into music more than movies and shows.
Yes!!! Music speaks louder than words dialogues

3. You’re really funny
What?? You think this is a joke? Come here.. you rascal …
hope that answers you….😏

4. You have besties called Siya and Ash?
Uhmm nice if u to AsSUme that siya😶
Yeah i do!💖💖


1.You are cute!❤
😈if you like the devil… then I am Absolutely adorable!

2.You love teasing your sis!😆
well.. true true.. no jokes for that
🤷‍♀️ sometimes it is what it is….

3.You are going to give a really nyc b’day gift to Ash!😁😂
*cough cough* NYC!!! No i am not buying you New York souvenirs.. they are expensive!! We come cheap… sometimes free😏 but u are gonna like it!
(Btw.. her bday is in 12 days.. 18th jan here we come)

4.You are single😜😅
🙂🥺do not rub it in but yeah I am single🤍🤍 does a relationship with maths count.. nope


1.You like blue
well yes!!! That is my favorite color💙💙 it represents my bestie!

2. You are a cat person
No I am not… neither am I a dog person.😅 I honestly would like any type of animal IF it is calm and likes me back😂😂

3. You have a pet
yup.. a dog (doberman) and a turtle!

4. Your……. *gelina racking her brain for an assumption* fav season is winter?
well.. kinda.. i mean my bday is in the winter.. so is my best friends.. my other best friends.. one of my new bestie’s …my fav cousins as well.. new year is in winter… I mean so many celebrations come with winter.. so yes!!

And for these ramblings…. sorry not sorry…


1)you admire the effect of doppler shift … especially from blue to red
No i guess😬

2)you secretly learn intensely my native language to write to me
yes!! If i knew what it is… then i would totally definitely learn it!

3)you don’t mind it raining
I love rain!!😍😍good memories!

mic, i don’t understand this.. But sure😶😂


1. You are a superb blogger
😎I would never stop you from assuming that!

2. You love to play piano
Yesss!!!!! Get me one.. 🥺 I miss it so muchhhhh

3. You like reading as well as writing
Yep true! Minus the writing and reading that comes with stu–dying

4. Your like learning about history
Ooo that is smart.. I do like to LEARN about history, it is interesting.. But history was def not my fav subject to “STUDY.”

5. You like journelling
This is the first one you got wrong Jan.. I quit and restarted journelling at least 6 times! So not a fan of it😬😅

6. You like studying
again, only when I can understand it.

7. You are really friendly
Yes I am. In the first phase of any friendship .. I am really friendly. And once you get to “know” me😈 … nah I am not gonna tell you.. that will ruin the friendly image!😁😇

8. You love blogging
yup! No question there🤩❤❤


(Is it your real name? I find it so attractive!)

1.You’re a teenager
Yup.. seven TEEN

2. You have colored hair
Nah.. natural luscious brown-black hair.. I would like to try blue hair tho! What do u think?

3. You like the color BlueI MEAN DUHHHHH💙💙💙 other fav colors- yellow black white. NOT GREEN AT ALL.

4.You like reading
Definitely. Absolutely. Positively. Yass queen! If u r asking my fav book to read… hell no I couldn’t be able to chose!

Well.. most of the assumptions were true..😂😂💖if you fell like wasting your time, read more assumptions in partypost2.2!!!

31 responses to “PartyPost2.1”

  1. Wait a second, I got you at…”I have a dog…a Doberman…”
    And then I scrolled through the whole post, not reading it all, till the comment section.
    What’s its name? Huh? Male or Female? Why don’t you have a post with pics of-
    K ima go read the rest of the post no cause-

    Hmm K done. Nice post! Fun! Great! Ima go send assumptions now, cause you said that they are still open.

    1. its a male “veeru” and a pic? i will do it someday… remind me next week!

      1. Haha sure!!! Thats a beautiful name!!!

    And ahh blue hair would look sooo prettyyy on youuu🤌🏻
    and yup, that answer did explain how funny you are, very well😈😂
    that joke was soooo lame, you disgraced Ash by saying that😂😂😂but seriously, new york gifts?😂 nah too expensive😂

    1. 😂😅😅well. u never asked. do you have any pets?
      but seriously tho *whispering… we have no plans yet for her bday*

      1. Btw, you guys still have 12 days😅😅 aaraam se plan krlo!!😂😂🤣

      2. No i donttttt😭😭
        haha we seriously haven’t planned a thing yet……let alone think about it😂

    2. Nooooooooooo!! I too got to know now and I never expected that!! But…😅
      Joke was lame, seriously!🤣🤣
      If you two plan for it in partnership I guess that will not you low!😂😂 what’s say Ri,Si?😂😂

      1. Rii wants me to add her credits to what I’ll do… I won’t do that until she doesn’t help me in it😂😂

        1. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii go plan my bday idiot😡

          1. cut her some slack😂😂😂
            she has experienced a lot of torture from us already😂😂

            1. Torture? Apn itne bure bhi nii h yrr!!
              That wasn’t torture Rii hna?? Say yes!! That was our love for the gone girl.😂😂
              Btw Si🤜🤛🤣🤣

              1. gone girl yuppp✔
                she just keeps disappearing🥸

                1. Exactly! Just always! After all she is👽

              2. 🌚🌝i don’t lie. EVER. So yes it was not torture..

                1. Latter one I know! The former one I don’t believe😅

          2. 🤡🤡🤡u like jokers?

            1. What? Are you planning to gift me jokers or what?

              1. Yes.. I am gifting you 2 jokers!

                1. I got! 2 morons! RiSi🤣🤣🤣

                  1. 😆😆well then ur gift is all sorted out!

        2. 🌝i can offer you a few words..

  3. You have a DOG and a TURTLE I need names, also reading this I realised we are going to be the same age for a month

    1. i thought u were already 18😅😅 what is ur birthdate?
      😂y r ppl obsessed with pets… My dog is a male doberman.. VEERU and the turtle is called umm.. don’t make fun of him.. TATTU🐢

      1. Omg Veeru and Tattu (as requested I won’t make fun of the name)
        Na I will turn 18 on 5th Feb

        1. 🥳🥳🥳29 days to gooooooooo

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