Don’t Respond

Hello readers and glancers..

This poem is a Kyrielle (French form of rhyming poetry in a stanza of 4 lines, with each line of 8 syllables, and one repeating line)
I learned about this form of poetry through Kunjal’s poem Happenstance (from duodisseminators) and here is my first try..

Leave me on read or on unread,
Either would hurt less compared to, 
My hope's constant oscillations,
Please, please, don't respond to my texts.
You like me or you like me not, 
Keep me waiting till I give up,
Then ping me when I have moved on,
Please, please, don't respond to my texts.
You suggest let's give it two years,
Yet share secrets and songs everyday,
Am I your friend, crush or your ex, 
Please, please, don't respond to my texts.
I was crazy about you honestly,
But you and me, isn't in our cards,
So stop these conversations please,
Please, please, don't respond to my texts.

Ahh I love it.. but I completely messed up the rhymes 🙂 What do you think?!!!!!

Uhmm this post seems shorter than my usual ones so….. songs!

cuz I owe Mendes content to one idiot(:

p.s. Is anyone up for a collab on the prompt “An Internship At Hell”?

Author: Riya

Trying to feel and make you feel "NOT ALONE."

66 thoughts on “Don’t Respond”

  1. you actually nailed it! but there should be a rhyme scheme which is why this form cant be lengthy! but the eight syllables had been nailed!
    also this was written by me kunjal not khushi😂!

    1. 🥲yuh i read more about the rhyme scheme later.. so it is a bit messed up😬
      My bad.. let me just edit that😅
      Thanks ❤

  2. Never heard of this style of poetry, but it sounds great! Must definitely try this style out someday, it looks fun.

    This was a good and a well rhymed poem on your first try! I can’t wait to see more poems in this style

  3. Ayeee the second Kyrielle poem I’ve read now! And you did such a goood job for it to be your first time!🥺❤ Loveddd the poem, Rii!!💕
    and hehe, yes you do owe me mendes content🤭🤭 and you added Why😭😭😭😭 I loveee youuu, i need more mendes content in your posts🥺
    also, i just increased the claps from 1 to 10😂

    1. 😂yes u r that idiot who wants mendes content!
      😝you idiot!! 10 claps! That is just a crazy experiment😂
      Thank you💖💖🥺

          1. We dated off and on for a few months. After our second attempt at being serious, she had a bunch of stuff come up in her life, and she kept having to cancel on me. Finally, after a month of mostly canceled plans, she told me I just can’t be in a relationship with anyone right now, I have too much going on, and I care too much about you to see you keep getting hurt like that…

            … and a few weeks after we broke up for good, she was screwing someone else, and didn’t even see why it was a big deal.

            After a couple months, and after she broke up with the other guy, we were on good terms again for a while, because she was still friends with all of my friends. But she was a lot more distant during that time, never really saying anything to me other than hi-how-are-you. About a year after the incident, she found a new group of friends and completely ditched us. But for about another year after that, every few months she would message me out of nowhere to ask how I was doing. I’d reply, I’d ask how she was doing, and then I wouldn’t hear anything more from her for another few months. I finally unfriended her from Facebook and Instagram because every time she did try to message me, I would get my hopes up that we might be able to be close again, even if we weren’t romantically involved, and then I’d get disappointed when she wouldn’t reply. I haven’t heard from her in four years, and that’s how I’d like to keep it.

  4. Uff I-I-I am speechlessss, You already know that you’re my weakness🙂😂
    Amd I effin will reply to your texts whatever you say *emoji inserted and you know which one* mah frand crashh paltenher enemhyy axxx😙
    The songs😻 *overused was the song of our spotify blend you remember* 🌚🖤

    1. 💖💖🥺🥺not all poems are about you(:
      y would i ask you not to respond to my texts when i be spamming your mobile all day🤣🤣🤣


      Of course me remembers.. u sent it to me bf🖤

  5. Another kyrielle! Yes,you missed the rhyme scheme,but I like the straightforward way this took it fictional,or is it something you experienced?Just curious. And what’s the prompt “An Internship at Hell” about?Sounds interesting 🙂

    1. *panikkk*
      its non fiction, but exaggerated at most parts…(:

      It was a joke that I work for satan and I am evil😈so the prompt an internship at hell came up… but i couldn’t get any further than that😂 if something comes to your mind.. we should do a collab😁

      1. Ah well, as some say, “Vibes define everything, if we don’t vibe, we’re not meant for each other”(that’s what tons of people told me!)
        And sure, we could do a collab,you can reach me via gmail with your idea and we could continue from that 🙂

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