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Happy 18th Ash

Hey people and others, it is Aayushi’s (@ashradiance) birthday!! Me and Siya are doing this post for her on her special day!! Spread around the message and wish her!!

we wish you a happy birthday
we wish you a happy birthday
we wish you a happy birthday
and fun times ash dear!!
Let’s get your party started!!!!

Heyoo. Ash,

U r an “adult” now. Wohoooo 18!! And though we know u for like 3 months.. we are proud to watch how far you’ve grown!!💖😂 Big BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG hugs are coming for you through this screen.. enjoy today idiot. Chaubees ghante ki ijjat

getting older huh? It is sooo exciting!!! And though sometimes being 18 will get overwhelming🥺 remember to be a kid at heart!😁 childhood is never really over..

So our gift for u is Tips On How To Be A Kid

(Applicable and useful for all ages)

1.Pick up a crayon. Seriously 🙂 paint, draw color, sketch, anything!! This is the first and FUNDAMENTAL step.
Make sure the sun is blue, the trees pink, the clouds green, the earth greener💚and more importantly color outside the lines!!!!

Benefits of Colouring in Activities | Learning 4 Kids

2.Be friends with younger people. Uk.. like us(rii and sii) And even if a kid actually likes you once in a blue moon sun it is the best thing in the world to have those amazing humans as friends!
Talking to them will be a wonderful refresh button for you and maybe you’ll learn something! (Obviously u won’t learn anything from us.. but .. uhmmm.. still…)

3. Tech-phobia. Let me expound. It’s the 2020’s.. new technologies.. the era of smartphones and blah blah… But pls pls don’t be someone who can’t/ won’t adapt to these new apps and gadgets. I find people who can’t use a smartphone very annoying. Of course, it is not their fault sometimes.. BUT ANNOYING!!!

Surely, something more “complex” can come up. So pls learn it, try to keep up oldie!!!

(this above one’s not for you ash)🤣

4. Explore. yeah.. explore! Not just the internet, explore your city/town. You’ll probably have a driver’s license.. so go for a long drive. Be curious. Find a hilltop, a mine, a valley, there are so many places!! Go hiking, or even for a walk in the park! also.. stay safe..

Image about tumblr in sunsets 🌆 by Cati on We Heart It
take me on a long drive someone🥺


5. Goofy selfies. Okay, this is probably the most fun! Get your best friend(s) and have a photo session! Don’t wear a pretty dress or any make-up( it won’t help your looks anywayssss) Be you as you would be in a usual hangout. Dance, create reels, videos, use all kinds of silly filters. And share them!!

Lol.. don’t share.. I understand how embarrassing those photos can turn out. (:

6. Believe in Magic😃 Always. Have you not watched Harry Potter? No? Well that’s ok.. harry potter is more fun to read anyways.. try it!

If not magic, believe in Santa Claus, okay??

7. Lastly on how to be a kid.. DON’T HAVE BABIES (: that is pretty self-explanatory.

Yeah this is all I have for now Ash🤣🤣 Happy birthday again!

If you’ve seen my post first, see Siya’s here

With love,
Sii and Rii!💖💖💖

also, cake?????????????????????????????????????????????????????? icecream?? cadbury?? anything????????????????

55 responses to “Happy 18th Ash”

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  2. Seriously you two morons!!
    Chaubees ghante ki ijjat.. 24-8 now!!😅 and thank you so much for your tips madams of course I’ll keep them in mind and will never be an oldie😂😂 the last one was hilarious okay? Bs itnii bezaati kaafi hai or rehnedo bhai bday h yrr mera and and yes bhukkado de denge cake, Cadbury icecream!!👊

    1. 🤣🤣solah ghante bas!!
      Be an oldie.. old is gold and we value gold🤣
      Pizza bhi.. aur uhmm aage ka menu baadme bataenge😂

      1. 15!!😭
        Tu jyada mt bn abhi..ek saal bs ruk jaa tu bhi ho jayegi aayi bdi👽👽 Gold apne paas rkhungi tereko nii de rhi🤣🤣
        Haan haan sbki pics bhej denge.. dekh kr mn bhar lena😂🤣🤣

  3. wow this is so cool! happy birthday aayushi di!!😃♥♥♥♥

    1. 🤣that lazy ass won’t reply to all so
      Thank you soooooooo much duo,
      From Ash💖💖

      1. I’m lazy, I know but I can reply to my loved ones on my birthday, idiot!!😒😒

    2. Thank youuuuu so much, my dears❤❤

  4. 😂😂This is an amazing guide it must be framed in a museum

    1. 😝thanks simran!!!!!!🤣🤣go ahead.. frame it!

    2. Smjh nii aaya tu meri bezzati kr rhi thi ya Ri ki tareef!!

      1. 😂😂 na na all wrong ri ki bezzati

  5. I loved the first advice😂😂😂 and yes most importantly, colour outside the lines😂
    once in a blue sunn😂😂😂😂😂😂
    Yeah I know people who don’t know how to use smartphones are just IRRITATING, like I also feel like laughing seeing them using it incorrectly, but still annoying😂
    oo right you have got your license but please kisi ka accident mat kara dena😀
    ayee this was such an amazingg postt…you did a great job, rii😂😂😂

    1. yeah it can be funny to watch them struggle😂😂
      what do you expect? Accident toh hona hi h🥴🤌
      Thanks sii🤭❤

      1. haaaa bichara vo insaan jiska hoga🥺

        1. 😶she won’t hit a dog.. right?

        2. Youuuuuuuu!! The first one, Ri the second. And guess who will be the doctor.. me🤣🤣

          1. meine kya bura kiya tera😒

            1. Ye tu khud hi jaanti h🤣🤣

    2. Sbse pehle main tere ko hi thokungi!!

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  7. Ehehehe goofy filters 😈😂 Cool tips tho!😌💀
    Happy Birthday To Her!✨

    1. 🤣😈👻
      Yeah we will need them in 345, 352 days🤡

  8. 😎😎😎

  9. i agree with sim! deffo get this framed😂😂
    golden words!

    1. 😂😂sure!

      Wait r u mocking me too?

      1. I wouldn’t dare to mock such high esteemed, intelligent persona as yourself🙃

        Jokes apart, i reaaally think this should be framed somewhere 😁 i would need this when i turn 18

        1. 🙂ohh ef

          When areee you turning 18???!!😏 will find some better points till then🤣🤣

          1. Long time to gor for that, almost 2.5 years🙂😂

            1. Whoa!! You are younger than me??🥲🥲
              still.. when is your birthday?

              1. Yeppp
                Ah, i am kinda not allowed to disclose that online; parents😕

                1. ahh ok now it feels like you are 15😂

  10. Woow nice to read and belated birthday wishes to her🙂😀💐

  11. Wow! Excellent guide😁😁😁well shared 🎉😊

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