What If The Apple Never Fell?

The title caught your eye didn’t it? Ahh the apple of your eyes.

Bad pun.

Anyways today we are discussing this well-known legend of Sir Isaac Newton. He was “inspired” to formulate the force of gravity when he observed an apple fall to the ground.

No it didn’t hit his head.. though once in a while I wish it did.. but that is not the point!

What if the apple never fell? What if he never did his research on gravity? WHAT IF THE APPLE NEVER FELL? Would we have remained FOOOOOOLS? Idiots? Who had little knowledge and LOTS OF STUPIDITY about the universe?






Are you really wondering about my question?? *scoff* WHAT IF THE APPLE NEVER FELL? *scoff* Is this a joke?

We as a species definitely, absolutely, would have noticed to the simplest, most basic, most obvious thing in this universe… GRAVITY!

okay.. not simplest tho… the kinds of questions physics textbooks have!! my god

Maybe instead of the story of the apple it would have been orange. Instead of a weird name like NEW-TON, some William or Robert would have been worshipped. Not much would’ve changed really…

We would still know about gravity and would try to understand it. We would still ask questions about how the universe works. We would still discover electromagnetism, invent electricity, travel to space and much more.

The apple did not provide the answer to Newton, nor did it have any magic taste the answer to Newton… it was just a spark. The spark could have been anything or for anyone.

Thus, the question “What If the Apple Never Fell?” is a joke. Nothing would change, maybe our ancestors would have been idiots for a few more decades.. but nothing drastic (:

Though the real question is… What If The Apple Never Falls Again??

What if we don’t get any such sparks before our evident extinction??

What if we are idiots.. and still know nothing… lol.. we will get through it.. if we don’t, we apples will also fall to the ground soon enough..

Author: Riya

Trying to feel and make you feel "NOT ALONE."

33 thoughts on “What If The Apple Never Fell?”

  1. It is likely that the apple in question never ‘hit’ Newton’s head. The more likely story is that Newton was sitting under the tree (which he was known to do) and saw an apple fall to the ground. This was the inspiration needed to make him start thinking about gravity. The part about the apple hitting him on the head is probably something made up after the fact to dramatize the event. Newton would not have ignored gravity for long had he not seen the apple fall. He was very interested in motion in general and how forces act to cause accelerations – so if he hadn’t decided to think about gravity on that particular day – I’m quite sure he’d have gotten around to it soon afterwards.

    So, I doubt there would be any significant changes to the course of history had the apple not fallen. Anyways, great post Riya!

    1. 😂yeah i know it didn’t hit is head… tho sometimes i wish it did🙁
      Yeah.. nothing drastic would have happened as i said.. Thanks dhriti!!💛

  2. Honestly there wouldn’t be any huge changes. The title might change into “What if the coconut never fell?” Or “What if the mango never fell?” U know right! And gravitation ke credits would go to someone else. We still would have to learn all of this bas kisi aur ke naam se 🙂💔
    Vo apple na Newton ke sar par girna chahiye tha aur usko wahi tapak jaana chahiye tha…nothing much would change par Newton ke laws aur uske baare toh nhi pdhna padta tha moreover ‘Mental Satisfaction’😌😂

    1. bhai bheji kyu nhi meko yeh pehle… ctrl c ctrl v would be so much easier 🙃😂

      🤣🤣🤣mental being the vital word🥴

  3. Did you get this thought in shower?😂 I remember thinking about something like this in shower 😂

    And apparently.. the question.. “what if the apple never falls again?” quite inspired me to pull up and start studying..

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