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Haiku Tag!!

Stara@PoolOfThoughts and Dhriti@TomboyDiaries nominated me for this tag!! Thanks you both😁 I love this tag- short and sweet✌️💖


  1. Tag Eva @album of amazing.
  2. Mention the person who tags you.
  3. Add the rules to your post.
  4. Pick 2 topics to write 2 Haikus.
  5. Tag alteast 5 people.
  6. HAVE FUN!❤❤


  1. Dogs.
  2. Fire.
  3. Sea.
  4. Nature.
  5. Music.

Ok lets go-


A burned up toaster,
Circuits, Smoke, Fire, Alarms and,
Me shouting- "Run! Fire!"


Alec- Life goes on,
Put a sad song on, mhmm mhmm,
Me- dude, release songs!

😂hope you enjoyed!! I should do more of these.. instead of writing long poems and stories cuz I am lazy

I tag-

Veera@Forgers of Fantasy
and YOU!!

53 responses to “Haiku Tag!!”

  1. These are great haikus!

      1. You’re welcome Riya!! <33

  2. 😂😂😂😂😂
    the alec one is just on point😂

    1. 😂😂i just want new sad songs!!!😭😭soon

      where are your haikus? karegi na?🤣

      1. haanji i’ll be doing it soon!

        1. “Soon” shabd ka arth pata h mujhe😂😂

          1. are baba tum log kya merko bass ek post late kiya toh judge krne lage ho😭

            1. 🤣🤣🤣it will be stuck for the rest of your life!!!

  3. I like your haikus
    Now I’m going to write my own
    Oh, look, there it is

    1. Thank you so much greg,
      Yours is so amazing that,
      I wrote this one too💖😂

      1. Thanks for your kind words
        I hope you are doing well
        Have a lovely day!

    1. Yasss!!! Morning ji😂😂👽

  4. I love your haikus!
    Amazing, creative, short,
    Cannot wait for more!

    You should take a look,
    The Album Of Amazing,
    The creators blog.

    She is my cousin,
    She has a fantastic blog,
    Ble ble ble ble ble.

    Amazing post this,
    Loved it quite a lot Riya,
    Thanks for doin’ the tag!

    1. Thanks a lot Stara,
      I will surely check her blog,
      More haikus? Done dude!

      1. Or should I say:

        Ha ha ha ha ha
        More haikus sound fantastic!
        Ha ha ha ha ha

  5. Seriously, awesome haikus.😂

    1. Thankkkkkkkkkks dhriti✌️

  6. Thanks for nominating me! Just when I was getting desperate for topics to write poems on… 😂😂

  7. […] ) nominated me for this tag. Thanks a ton for that!Now,rules….Rules- 1.Tag Eva @album of […]

  8. I loved your haikus! Awesome!👏🏻😊

  9. Oooh I loved the haikus! They were so cool!

  10. The 2nd one, loved it riri!😁

    1. 😁thanks akay!! And we do NEED more songs🥺🥺

  11. Need more haikus from you cuz this was awesome

    1. 😁thank u sim!!
      Give a few random words in exchange for haikus😈

      1. Done deal here are some randomest words -Pineapple,accounts,birds,google,aquarius

        1. 😂😂u went full out with random!

  12. Alec she’s coming for you👽🖖🏼
    Bhaari lihla g bai😂😻

    1. 👽just

        1. Hello morgan, welcome to Hmmm💫

              1. I just want to know cause I don’t come here often I prefer we chat there

                1. ah yes i am here. sorry, i have a bad habit of disappearing..
                  Pls message me through my contact page!!

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