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Awards and Tags Catch-Up

The Liebster Award

Rabhya and Aarya have nominated me for this award!💖 thank you!! Rabhya is an amzing book blogger.. and beautiful taste in music!
Aarya too has a fun blog… I haven’t read many of her posts.. but I would love to!!! Also, could anyone pls tell me what Liebster is??


  • Acknowledge the blog that gave it to you and display the award
  • Answer 11 questions that the blogger gives you
  • Give 11 random facts about yourself
  • Nominate 11 blogs and notify them of their nomination
  • Give these blogs 11 questions to answer

Aarya’s questions-

1.How’s everything? All good?
Everything is nothing. It is all good.. could be better though!! How are you?

2.What is one food item you can eat for the rest of your life?
Ooo tough.. i would say papad! I can eat one anytime! Feels nice to start a post with foooood!


3.How often do you read other blog posts?
I try to read daily, but some days I am tired and I miss out some posts😅🥺

4.Will you eat your favorite thing forever or never?
No. Never. why would I eat my books??😝 If you are asking about food ( i mean cake) .. then I would eat it forever!!

5.Most favorite book?
Torture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One book!! I have no idea really, there are so many. But let’s go with the Robert Langdon Series today.

6.Blue or Purple?
It rhymes with glue!

7.Food or Sleep?
Food, duh! I hate sleeping in case you’ve missed it😬

8.Which movie/series are you currently watching?
Lol.. my studious blogger image would be ruined if I say I am watching a series😝 Last movie I watched was No Way Home!!!!! AMAZING!!!!

9.What’s one thing you love to do everyday?
Listening to music! I love all kinds of songs and am listening 24*7 15*7.. that reminds me… songgggg-

10.Do you have any pets?
Yes, a dog and a turtle.. some of you wanted pics… so here’s a treat for you😂

the dog’s picture are puraane.. he is 5 human years old now! and is not cute anymore

11.What’s one thing you learned about yourself in the quarantine?
I think I learned that I don’t have enough pictures of my own dog!🙂💔

Rabhya’s questions!

1.What are you grateful for today?
for all my friends.. and my blog! I am really grateful to have this blog🥺

2.What do you love about yourself the most?
I think I love my humor the most! I would be a different person without it.. woww your questions are deep Rab!!!

3.One person that you are thankful for?
Bleh🖤 its my bff’s nickname😂😂😂

4.Describe your personality in three words.
Sassy alien spawn👽👽
I think you would agree

5.One blogging tip you would give?
uhmm.. who am I to tell you what you should do?😗 ….put something out there ONLY IF YOU like it..

6.A book that has impacted you the most? Problems in general physics. I mean that little demon book is haunting me!! Seriously though, the book would be Kite Runner- Khaled H. 💖

7.Your favorite music artist?
If we got each other than we’ll both be fine!!- Alec Benjamin 🤍🎶

8.One thing you do other than blogging?
Studying. Eating. Sleeping. Repeating. Ik I am a bore:)

9.What makes you happy?
Music! Alec! Bleh! And Dopamine!

10.Your self care routine?
I don’t have one really… blogging is current my self care!

11.If the world was ending, name 5 books that you will take with you.
cruel cruel question Rab.. but atleast I have 5 generous choices…
-HP series all in one
-Spartan by Valerio Massimio Manfredi
-Any book by John Grisham!
– Any book by Ashwin Sanghi
-The Song Of Achilles by Madeline Miller

lol.. i have weird obsession over historical fiction.

11 random facts about me

refer to this about me page.. if you are interested.
No nominations from me😅

Reading Habits Tag

Rabhya also tagged me for this one!! Thank you! Again!😂 Even though 17 year old me is unable to be an avid reader, 15 year old me was 12871% a bookworm! So just imagine me from 2 years ago answering these questions-

1. Do you have a certain place at home for reading?
No, no specific place. I usually read on my bed.. but sitting on the floor has a different feel to it!!

2. Bookmark or random piece of paper?
Bookmarks!! I have this really cool 3-d Space themed bookmark I love🤩💖
*little does she know her bookmark collection will vanish*

3. Can you just stop reading or do you have to stop after a chapter/ a certain amount of pages?
When I get the satisfaction of my reading time. And when the book doesn’t seem to have a twist nearby…

4. Do you eat or drink while reading?
Neither.. I am clumsy + afraid of spilling and destroying the book…. so I am very careful a person whose books are treated like the effin Kohinoor Diamond!

5. Multitasking: Music or TV while reading?
I listen to music sometimes while reading.. but I prefer the quiet!
*dude, soon enough, you will be listening to music all day, just a warning*

6. One book at a time or several at once?
I read one book at a time. My parents would be horrified if I read (and finish) 5 books at once! They would never agree to buy me more books..

7. Reading at home or everywhere?
EVERYWHERE! School desk, playground, car, train, even the street!

8. Reading out loud or silently in your head?
Silently in my head👽 it is kind of like seeing those old movies that don’t have audio!

9. Do you read ahead or even skip pages?
Nope.. I just read faster when stuff gets boring😂 I HATE reading ahead, kills the suspense and joy.

10. Breaking the spine or keeping it like new?
I would never intentionally break it! If it starts to break, I become EXTRA careful!
*that has not changed, even with study books*

11. Do you write in your books?
AHHHHHHH! My soul just left my body!! WHY WOULD YOU WRITE IN YOUR BOOKKKK!!!!!!!! Get a notepad or something!! IDI-YUHT!!!!
*I am proud of this answer past me*

anyone wanna try these questions out? Feel free to take this tag!!!

The Eximius Blogger Award

Riddhi from whispering stories has created this exceptional tag🙌🏼 and nominated me! Thank you!!😁💖 btw congrats on 1000+ followers again.. again..


  1. Use the official logo/graphic of the award and display it on your blog post. (The featured image of this post)
  2. List the rules
  3. Tag the original creator: Riddhi @Whispering Stories and the person who nominated you!
  4. Mention the most exceptional thing about you and your blog (One about you and one about your blog).
  5. Mention one thing you find exceptional about the blogger who nominated you (To show love for the blogging community!)
  6. Answer the three questions posed by the person who nominated you.
  7. Share your favorite blog post that you’ve written.
  8. Tag 7 people! (Because 7 is such a magical number!)
  • Okay, so I have to say something exceptional about me and me blog.. not difficult at all.. this is not a college application right?
  • Hmmm… my blog is exceptional because of the person behind it (me)! I am totally narcissistic!
  • And the exceptional thing about me is…. I can become your very close friend in a few minutes!!😉
  • The exceptional thing about Riddhi is her passion!! I read her posts and see how passionate she is about her blog(s) just amazing! *the crowd goes awwwww*
  • The Forever Fifteen post is my favorite one.. because it is a very accurate description of me! Which post of mine is your fav?
  • Riddhi’s questions-

    1.What is a book/movie/song that you associate with your favorite festival?
    My favorite festival would be Ganesh Chaturthi.. and the movie would be- Atithi Kab Jaeoge… COULDNT FIND A BETTER ANSWER😂😅

    2.If you could live a celebrity’s life for one day, who would that be?
    Selena Gomez or Zendaya! they are both aweeemaaaaazing people! 🤩🤩🤩

    3.What is the most exceptional natural phenomenon in the world, according to you?
    Photosynthesis! I mean nothing exceptional about it… but no matter how you explain it to me.. this process will always blow my mind! How can leaves nope.. rant for another day..
  • OK.. This time I will be nominating a few people…. ik I never do that😬😅
    Ash @ashRadiance
    Veera @forgersOfFantasy
    Aarya @yoursaaryamali
    Deeksha @ruminativephilomath
    Harshi @Reflections
    Krisha @krisha’sTwilight
    Aaysid! @outrageouslyerratic

glad u skimmed through this thing… hope and have a better day!💕🙌🏼

57 responses to “Awards and Tags Catch-Up”

  1. I loved your answers Riya! And Thank you so much for nominating mee, means a lot to me! Great post 😊

    1. ofcourse! thank you Aarya💖💖✌️have fun!

  2. great post! alec benjamin hmmm😏 ATITHI KAB JAOGE😆
    aMY BROTHER writes in his books. not me cus they are virtual!

    1. btw i love historical fictions..😃

      1. I should’ve built a home with a fountain for us😎💖 always alec!!!
        🥺study books right? and not novels right?

        nice!!! have you read the shiva trilogy???😏

          1. i have not read series like u have. standalone novels like the kite runner, midnight ‘s children, guest list…..

            1. 😭dudeee midnight’s children is amazing!!!!!!!!! I couldn’t finish the last part of the book but its amaaaazing🤧💕

              1. yes same.. i couldnt finish the last part..
                its well written dude.

                  1. our hindi mam is like rn we cant say that in a situation we should lie in an open ended question😂 do you remember the smriti paath?

                  2. 😂😂lol
                    No i don’t remember that🙁

          2. 💀well uhmm wellllll … can’t do anything about him except judge😶

  3. “Blogging is my self care”

    I really felt that, lol

    Loved reading you answers Riya!! Thank you so so so much for doing the Eximius blogger award, it means a lot to me!
    Awesome post!

    1. 😂✌🏻ofcourse riddhi! It’s an amazing award!! Thank you for nominating me💕

  4. I loved your answers! It was really fun to read them
    Thanks for the nomination!

  5. heyy you realised that you dont have your own dog’s pictures because of US. you did the hard work of finding his pictures for US.😭
    and ayeee hayeee selena and zendaya are my favourite humans in the industry🥺🥺 they are just sooo pure at heart. omg okay, if you do get to be zendaya, tell us how tom holland really is as a boyfriend😂😂🥺🥺
    because he is the sweetest, cutest person ever.🙈
    also, amazinggg post and we know how lazy you are!!🥲❤

    1. Well i only searched them so that YOU guys would see… i found them for YOU!! 🙂and now we have sent him away…

      Yes they are both so sweet🤧and funny too. LOLLLLL yesss i forgot Tom would be my boyfriend 😂😂 now i am excited!!😉😛

      👽less lazy than you👽

      1. aeee chal haa you are the most laziest among us

            1. 😒jaa padh 10 ghnte…

              1. bhai mei itne ghante nai padhti

                  1. aee 10 ghante nai padhne ko aalsi nai bolte…..mei baaki bhi cheeze karti hu na padhai ke alawa isliye itna time padhne mei nai spend karti🥲

                  2. M bhi kaha aalsi hu phir 🥲🥲 mushkil se tym milta h blog ke liye

                  3. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

              2. Pdhakuu h tu pta h hmlogo ko😂😂 but alsii and pdhaku are different!!💀

                  1. If we will go away tera kya hoga ye soch le pehle🤣

                  2. 🤣🥺🥺nooooooooooo

  6. Haha I loved your answers! 🤣❤️
    Alec Benjamin is indeed a great singer! Also yea my questions were deep because I wanted my set of questions to focus more on self love 😂😅❤️
    Thanks for doing the tags! It was definitely fun to read all the answes!

    1. 😭beautiful voice!! Beautiful lyrics!!
      Nice.. i loved them 💕💕🙌🏼
      Thankssssss rab😁🤍

      1. Yess 🥺❤️
        My pleasure 😊

  7. Khaled Hosseini is the best!!! And i love historical fiction too.
    This was a great post, congrats on all the tags and awards!

    1. Yas🤩💫 thank you!

  8. I’ve never heard of the Robert Langdon Series, but am checking it out right away! Also kite runner, I really have to read that one but… I’m a little scared 😭😭 your answer for ‘what you learned about yourself during the quarantine’ GENIUS I TELL YOU. Amazing post!! ❤️

    1. Ahh u should read Robert langdon its an amzing thriller! Kite runner is a bit mature but go ahead!
      😂😂😅thank you!!!🤍

  9. What you learned about yourself in quarantine!! Liar. Liar. You learnt that a few days ago coz of us!!!!!!!
    Sassy alien spawn.. 🤣🤣🤣
    My fav post of yours which I could recall is internship at gell one😂😂 or yaad nii
    Also thanks for the tag!!😂😂
    Pehle bhi kr chuki h tag so it’s the myth that you never do that😂👽

    1. 🤣😬 loll

      *i hardly ever do that ok?*😂

      1. Haan Haan!! But you do that.. it’s not like NEVER! Okay?

  10. We have doggo pics YAY also papad with pyaaz and nimbu on it is YUM

    1. 😏😂yes!!!!!!!!

  11. I really enjoyed reading your answers to these tags! The Kite Runner and The Song of Achilles are up there with my absolute favourite books as well 📚❤️ X x x

    1. thank you for visiting florence!! Welcome to Hmmm!
      🥺💖omg same!!

  12. Why tf did I not read this sooner👻
    Papad nhi tu jhapad kha🤪Veeru itna cute bhi tha kya🙂😂Alec alec alec alec!!!!!! Atithi kab jaoge seriously🤣🤣🤣🤣Books wale ke ans toh I know u book keeda🪱 Alien👽🖤

    1. Cuz u don’t stalk me enough😂😂😛
      Nope.. he was ugly🤢

  13. […] you so much, Riya, for nominating me for this award. She is a wonderful blogger and writes beautiful poetry. Spread […]

  14. Apologies for the late interaction. I enjoyed your Q&A so much and would love to participate. Thanks for nominating me, Riya!! 😍🌺💫

    1. No problem deeksha! Enjoy your sunday😁

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