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Dance and Promise (ft. Harshi)

hiee.. this is a guest post with Harshi from Reflections!! Thank you soooooooo much for doing this with me dude🥺💖💖 Harshi writes amazing poems that just land you in a different place!!

We’ve both written small verses for the words “dance” and “promise”. Hope you enjoy!!

Danced To Her Life!

Twirls right and left,
Miss Tinkerbell,
While she awaits,
Peter’s forever spell.

A gift of life immortal,
Promises, promises.
A pirouette and a whirl,
Demise brought upon us.



Whirling and whirling
round in circles
I feel elated
as my spirit connects with my lord!

The worshipper in me sings
as the thread of life connects us
and I bow down to his ultimate glory!

We are united as one, in this spiritual dance
Leaving behind everything
as a promise needs to be fulfilled!


Read Harshita’s post here.

28 responses to “Dance and Promise (ft. Harshi)”

  1. This was a super fun activity and you write beautifully! Thanks for roping me in. Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig hug!

    1. Yes it was fun🤩🤩and i am so glad we did this… bigger hugss!😁

    1. Thannnnnnnnnl u dhriti 💕😁

  2. Ok I LOVE both poems. Also Riya you need to write more Disney poems.

    1. Thank you Simran for your appreciation!

    2. That is sooo trueee!! She really needs!

    3. Thanks sim😁💕
      Haha Disney poems? Will keep in mind😂

    4. I second that!! More disney poems!

  3. Both the poems are so so beautiful!!😍
    Wonderful Ri and Harshi🤍❤

    1. Thanks ash😁😁🤍

  4. Awww peter and tinkerbell!! I loved both the poemss!!❤

  5. Beautiful poems💫 Rujji and Disney tho👽😂

    1. 😂💔uk i am a weird 👽

      1. Ofc🤣 Weird asf but again meri hi bff hai sangat ka asar🌚

        1. 🤡actually j ka asar h of disney

          1. Haa Disney ke liye Jch jimedaar aahe🥲 aur weirdness ke liye mei😔🤚🤣🤣🤣

            1. 👽✌🏻accurate 🤣

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  7. Ok bro.
    I can’t find words to describe this,its….ok bro.

  8. So well written, both of you!

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