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I have outgrown my hometown,

The pot-holed roads, muddy and brown,

The small alleys of spices and flowers

The chowk shops of sweets and sours,

The heat waves from March-May-July,

The pools and puddles from when clouds would cry,

The mellow garden with the ginormous shoe,

Granny’s café overlooking the bronze statue,

The forest hills with the view,

And the abandoned quarry with the “spot”,

I say I have outgrown it all,

But how could I miss it not?

Those faces and places are bound to fade,

The changes and strangers much to take,

Be enthusiastic preaches my head,

I’ve found a new place to wake,

But that light heartedness I cannot fake.

I say I have outgrown my hometown,

But how could I miss it not?

How could I miss it not?

Hey! I know I have been gone for long. The thing is, my offline classes have started, and I was busy in moving to —- city. Haven’t had a lot of time to write..😭

I am OUT of my small city now, but I don’t really feel like I have GROWN out of it yet.. (do you get me?) I don’t really miss my home, but I kinda miss the familiarity it had. I mean I am comfortable with living here, but idk something just feels weird. Maybe because this indicates that I AM OLDER now!! 😭😭😭moving out and stuff! huh!

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feels better to get this out! tell me your story in the comments..

p.s. the abandoned quarry thing seems cheesy, but its real.. I have seen it…

p.s.s. I also have an announcement …. I WILL NOW BE FOLLOWING A SCHEDULE!! no more posting randomly.. ik that was annoying for you!😂😬😅

My weekly posts will come up on THURSDAY and a buffer on SUNDAY for tags and stuff.

hope you enjoyed my rant about —- city/town and..

61 responses to “OUTGROWN”

  1. very nice thanks

  2. Things have changed so fast and time be running. When will we meet…Granny’s cafe “Moti bhaag”🥲😂 It’s hard to get used to a new lifestyle in new city. I miss us already🙃🖤

    1. 😭time be in a rocket!!! I have no idea when we’ll meet👽👽 so i guess “soon”?¿
      🤣🤣moti bhaagg roflmao!!!!
      I miss it too🖤🖤

  3. Hey! … Your poems are sooo fun …. It’s ok … ‘ aadat ho jaigi ‘ 😉 …. btw pls follow me , I just started blogging… getting inspired by u, ash & sii ( btw i’m her neice ) … fun talking to u ❤

    1. Thank you!!😁😂
      Ahh sii never told meeeeee I will check it out!!!

      1. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  4. Beautifully penned, Ri ❤️ It is not easy moving to a different place; it can be scary. Everything is so different. I wish you the best!

    1. Thank you Dhriti!💕 hope you are well!

  5. 🎶heat waves been faking me out
    cant make you happier now🎶
    (sorry, i got carried away after reading heat waves)

    ahh this poem was so deep, rii! everyone knows how difficult it is to move out🥺 but i hope you get settled!💙
    we are always here for youuu💖

    1. Yess, we are always here for you!!
      Our madness will make you feel home😛😂

      1. exactlyyy, not only us, but everyone!🦋

    2. 😂😂lol i was listening to the song when i wrote that!!


      1. i knew that line was inspired by the song😎

  6. Aww Riii🥺
    This is so beautiful and touching!
    But change is the constant. Right? So..No worries! You will get adjusted and yepp, rock in your exams🥂🤍

    1. yar humesha exams ki yaad dilati h tu….🙄😂😂

      1. 😂😂uska yaad krke tu reh legi yha idiot!! That’s the main purpose of you moving to the other place.

          1. 😛main kbhi kbhi gyaan ki baat bhi krti hu😁😆🤣

  7. 👏👏👏✒🌹 Change is always a motivating dear Riya😘😉🌞

    1. I will keep that in mind mic✌🏻💫💫 thank u!🥺

  8. I loved the rhyme scheme of the poem, and the way it was worded. Nice one, it captures your ideas so beautifully!

    1. Thanks u so muchhh Maha💖💖

  9. Good luck with moving and adjusting 🙂

    1. Thanks greg!!! how are ya?

      1. In character from 1997: I’m doing ok… I’m going to do an internship helping out in a high school classroom next quarter. I’ve never thought about being a teacher as a career option before, but maybe I’ll discover I like it. Another professor suggested some summer internships so I can see what grad school will be like. I always assumed I would go to grad school and stay in school forever, since school is what I’m good at, but now I’m not so sure.

        In real life from 2022: Doing ok… but life is kind of overwhelming, and a lot of things are changing. A lot of my friends have moved away, I’m not really doing anything to make new friends, and I’m not sure what to do about that…

        How far away did you move? Just wondering.

        1. well.. you can make one friend at a time!! until then you have us bloggers!!✌️💖

          ahh about 7 hrs away(by car)😬

          1. True… I have great Internet friends… but I never know who is okay with me contacting them… and it would be nice to have more of a social life in real life again too…

            1. Yup.. corona is not helping anyone’s social life!

              1. True, and also everyone is moving away from here

  10. Ah well as they say(and one said here), change is constant(idk why this sounds so philosophical!). Aand Ig you’ll make new friends here, perhaps,perhaps not, but hey, you have us blogger pals 😎. Nice poem.

    1. cuz it is ripped off from some philosphical book.. I have heard that before😂😂😛
      yusss! new friends!! 🤩
      lol who wants you guys. JK.

  11. This was so beautiful to read Riya!! Moving to new places can be quite scary as well as exciting. Wishing you the best!

    1. Thank you ✌️💖

  12. do the springsteen. my hometown. your hometown! ah so

  13. Best of luck, Riya in your new home and your studies! ❤

    1. Thanks cheryl💕💕😁

  14. Moving out from your home town is a very sad feeling. First, it seems hard to adjust to a new place and people, but with time you get used to it or you have to as you have no other option.

    1. 😅yeh.. there is no optionn

  15. “Those faces and places are bound to fade,” That hurts

    Nothing stays the same ever.

    1. 🥺🤝i hope so too!

  16. Wishing you the very best Riya! I know that you’ll carry the power of words, no matter where you go.

    You have expressed yourself with such beauty and grace in this poem.
    You will always carry your ‘hometown” in your heart and never ever outgrow it! Believe you me….

    1. 🥺💖thank you Harshi! so glad you all are here!

  17. I live in Delhi and it might have the worst air quality index and be the most unsafe region, I still love it because this is my home. I might leave and live somewhere else in future but I’ll always have a connection with this place. I think you’ll never outgrow your home town. You have probably realised how much you have grown with it and it won’t be the same anymore.

    1. ☠️ohh Delhi air is danger baba! Hope you are safe!! And yes, the connection will alwyas be there🤍🤍

      1. Yeah ik😂 and yes i am better safe. ❤️❤️

  18. I think i should also have schedule but then I am too lazy ..

    1. who ever could be successful in following a schedule??😂😬

      1. At least you can try!😂

        1. yup i will try to try😂😂

  19. Honestly, i have no idea what to say coz i have lived in the same city since i was born but hopefully you’ll be fine:)

    1. 😁thanks akshita! And don’t worry tera bhi time aega nikalne ka🙂

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