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Jump Off/ When You Die

lol i couldn’t decide between the titles..

My soul declares-

Today is the day,
The judgment and
The stairway,

Cause when you die,
It better be your choice.

My eyes surf through
The city’s skyscrapers,
“That one, that roof is stunning,
And what a view!!”
I note to myself.

Cause when you die,
It better be beautiful!

Adrenaline at the edge,
An exciting journey awaits,
And I jump off to it,
Not falling, but flying,
Smiling true and wide.

Cause when you die,
It better be ecstatic!

You have to miss me,
My love,
And for that,
I am

Cause when you die,
It better be a good-bye!

glad I remembered the existence of this song before posting XD

A/N- this is a fictional piece. I won’t be choosing to die anytime soon. Especially cause I haven’t even lived yet!! S’all good✌️😁

Tell me what you think and list a few reasons WHY YOU WOULDN’T JUMP OFF THE ROOF…

9 responses to “Jump Off/ When You Die”

  1. Glad that this is a fictional piece wrna you’d be in pieces.🙂😂 Anyways bahot aacha likhi🖤 *chef’s kiss*

    1. 🤣i would be resting in peaces….
      *flying kiss.. aajaega 5 hrs m*😗🤣🤣💙

  2. ayeee hayee❤
    thank god its a fictional piece varna I thought we would have to start worrying about you😂

    1. 💖😂no need to worry about me

  3. Thank you for the disclaimer madam that it’s Fictional!!!!!!
    You wrote this so beautifully apart from the fact that while reading this I had a thought of leaving and going on to your msg. Seriously!!

    I wouldn’t jump off the roof coz I still have got to dance in your marriage🤣🤣

    1. 😗ppl like u NEED that disclaimer so theey don’t bombard me with stuff. (:
      I told you i have no plans of marrying in this life🙄🙄

      1. Actually yes and that too a disclaimer at the top!!!!
        Hehe, and I told you the other way🤣🤣 you will definitely get married wrna main jabarjasti nachne ke liye krwaungi😂🤣🤣

        1. 😂😂😂haha

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