Her Okay Image

Oh my god!
Look at that girl,
Such a defective figure,
Terribly intolerable!

🙂 i made a playlist too..

Shining in their
Discriminating glare are,
Pretty brown eyes,
Of a shade tad too dark.

They look at her and say-

Oh my god!
Look at that girl,
Such a defective figure,
Terribly intolerable!

A rich meadow of hair on her limbs,
A color of shadows by the knees,
A couples “potatoes” for her thighs

A stupendous bum, an unfunny joke,
A waistline filled of toxic waste,
A belly once flattened now its fattened…

A chest incapable of concealment,
A spine of serpentine frame,
Shoulders once slender now they’re rotund…

Chin one and chin two,
Signs of a ‘stache too,
A drought on the lips due…

Oil, dirt, and sweat sweet,
Dandruff and countless zit,
Glasses are of help none,
On her face blue and broken.

Oh my god!
So reckless of her health,
So carefree of her weight,
What has she been doing?
Her physique needs changing…

A corpulent bodice,
Toe to head to toe,
Polish them up,
Thin them down, and so and so..

Girls corpulent will go to flame,
Crash course on the internet,
Cause only an hourglass frame,
Is kindly accepted and expected.

I look straight ahead,
And meeting me in the mirror are,
My pretty brown eyes,
Of a shade tad too dark…

To them I say-

Hey critics, belittlers,
I know I am not perfect,
But I look kinda ‘okay‘,
And that is adequate.

Tomorrow, I will see my image,
And smile, wide and yellow,
Cause I recognize myself,
And she looks completely okay.

i have put off this poem for a long time now 🙂
By the virtue of pandemic I gained some weight like any other normal person. And this is just me feeling insecure about my body.. Also listed above are all very non-fictional flaws. I really was(am) careless with my health, terrible eating habits and don’t ever exercise enough😬 and blah blah
Of course, my mind is just playing tricks and exaggerating my blemishes.. so here I am re-tricking it (;
I look okay,
I look okay,
I look okay,
I look okay,
I look okay.
I guess I do look okay.
And maybe, some day I will look like myself, i.e. look like the most beautiful person I have ever seen🧡🖤

p.s. slap me hard if I become narcissistic on that “some” day😂

p.s.s. to my bff- ik that u will say I look ugly as 💩, no matter what. and i know i do. okay?🤥😒🙄💀

peace out!👽👻

Author: Riya

Trying to feel and make you feel "NOT ALONE."

51 thoughts on “Her Okay Image”

  1. Ahhhh Sunflower by Shanon Purser is an amazing song, and even the movie in which that song was featured is just amazing!!😭
    This poem was actuallyy soo goood, Rii! And I can totally relate because even I gained some weight on in the pandemic and people are cruel when they start teasing you about how you look, they are rude rude body shamers🤧

  2. Wow…..this, this was truly something. This was a pretty great poem! This was well written and well thought out. Did I mention super inspiring as well?

  3. I too have gained weight and now I have perfectly round belly 😂
    Nope it doesn’t matter to me.
    *Of course it does*
    I am perfect
    *Really?! Cries again*

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