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Unutterable torture,
Mine they trigger,
Wide open shutters,
Taping pedantic chronicles.

Our nerves they remember,
Hence every day I suffer,
Nightfall makes it harder,
When in my thoughts they enter-
Tapes cursed under,
Cassettes on a recorder,
Replaying over and over,
That burn might never,
No ashes nor dark ember.

Give me no coax,
Such that I will endure,
Why should I not surrender,
When dead is my abuser,
Who might’ve been my only liberator?

5 responses to “VCR”

  1. ❤️❤️

  2. he s hot fa ya trot
    and you girl are not so much
    insert tape
    old as passe patricia
    said as she came nude to my bed
    oh my
    why gasp! is that tmi
    sixteen years later
    good post riya cya girl

  3. Whatever made you sad and angry in the morning, it worked 🙃😎

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