The Art Of Words

Oh how the eyes shine,
When unbidden, they find that flawless verse,
Like a glass of lemonade to quench one’s thirst.

Don’t you see the words hovering?
They glisten vividly in hind sight,
As if the sun has squeezed them out of the pages.

They skim, they bounce, in utmost fragility,
Careful not to tear down their apparition,
Their delicacy creates their beauty.

It’s a wonder, a wonder of the penman’s mind,
To weave a fabric that all can wear,
Touch one’s skin or wring another’s heart.

But its not just the exquisite words that shine,
The glow comes from the poet’s self-narration,
One’s true story is the art that reaches the furthest.

Author: Riya

Trying to feel and make you feel "NOT ALONE."

20 thoughts on “The Art Of Words”

  1. Amazing poem Riyaaa! The last line was the best. The whole thing just had a nice ring to it with the rhymes and all! Loved it and keep posting poems!!!

  2. What a resplendent poem, Riya!
    You are mastering your craft and may you pursue it with absolute passion!

    On a different note – How’s the place where you’ve shifted to? I’m sure you must be settled in by now. Do share some details.

    1. Ah yes.. its been ok here! I miss my friends but i can study better😅 and the mornings here are amazing! Trees, people, and I love to go cycling 🤩

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