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Happy pride month guys!!!!!!

On another short note, I have not written anything good this week. So no post😓😭sorry to disappoint.

Send some prompts or ideas for anything really! GET ME GOING CREATIVE or I will spend another week stu dying!

13 responses to “June!”

  1. you can write about fear of getting wrinkled!😃

    1. 😯ooh yess! that is interesting..

      if this is khushi, do you know alec’s “wrinkles” demo?

  2. or you can write about how love is love on account of pride month?🤷🏻‍♀️

    1. 🤸‍♂️✌️achcha likhungi toh hi post karungi ha par m

  3. Prompt – For a poem – What I miss?
    Prompt – For a story – The love of a friend!

    1. Ah these are amazing thank you!

      1. Glad you like them. Happy writing! 🙂

  4. Write about the rainbow 🌈 and what the colors mean to you

  5. You know what, why don’t I do that too. I just gave myself a prompt too 😂

  6. Write a poem on me😂😂😂

  7. Hey Riya! Start where you’re stuck. Write about how you are not able to write creatively. Just a thought 😄💫

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