My clock glowed:

8:13 AM
Tue 24.01.23

It was still 12 minutes away from beeping my house into chaos. It’s my 18th birthday, and my parents are way more psyched about it than me. Woohoo! Finally an adult! Right?

But I actually am dreading today.

A few months ago I had made a deal with myself, No one besides me and Anu knows about it…. Lol. I can’t even admit it to my diary. How will I ever tell it to maa today? 

So here I am, hiding in my bed on my birthday, working out my life-changing revelation speech. Sigh. But I don’t want to lie anymore.. Today is the day.. A deal is a deal.. No going..

This miserable self-affirmation’s gonna be left off for now. Its 8.25. Here come the knocks.

See you tonight diary,

Mrs. Patil knocked on her daughter’s door, “Good morning, birthday girl..Hope you have a great year..” 

“Morning Maa 😀 Thank you!” Tina stretched awake with a wide smile and hugged Mrs. Patil.

“Always shona. Now quick, get ready… We have a lot planned today.”

ok so I have this written.. but I have no idea what to do with it😬😭..

Consider this a prompt for you.. pickup the story where I left it!! And maybe I or someone else will continue your continuation😂

Author: Riya

Trying to feel and make you feel "NOT ALONE."

24 thoughts on “Prompt”

  1. Tina went down to have breakfast with the family and noticed something moving in their backyard. She asked Mrs. Patil “Maa, is it just me or something is moving in the backyard?”. Her mother replied “No, shona, it must be the wind”. So, she thought it actually might just be the wind and continued eating.

    okay yea thats all i can think, now someone better cook something nice to continue the story😂

    1. Siyaaa imagine if you switched that…her Mom thinks there is something in the backyard and Tina says it is only the wind and the thing in the backyard can be something to do with what she has to tell them.

        1. phrased it more like she has had a secret for years and promised herself to tell her family by her 18th birthday plus something bad is gonna happen related to the secret and she needs help

    1. It is actually pretty good…I mean I would make some changes to what you have already written but otherwise✨✨✨

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