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The Grave Diggers (ft. Veera)

surprise!! This is my second collab with Veera @theforgersoffantasy and I couldn’t be happier bcoz it finally got me out of my writing slump.✨️😂

(the normal lettering is Veera’s work and the bold lines are mine)-

The grave diggers dig
Tirelessly, endlessly,
Desisting not once.

Slow, yes, but steady,
Relishing every moment
Of their pond’rous work.

They dig and they dig,
At night, even broad daylight,
Right within our minds.

The grave diggers deliver
Grave fortunes upon the weak,
Who can’t bear more pain.

Inflicted by injuries,
Products of traumatic times,
The tombmakers weave.

There’s Ms.Tectonic,
Who spurs to work amidst
Days of stress and panic.

Suffer an end slow,
Those chained by Mr.Sharrow,
A death in anguish.

Mrs. I don’t Know,
And her pal Mrs. Nobody Cares,
They talk us into suicide.

Madness a close friend
Of the renowned Mr. Rage,
An uncontrollable fiend.

He creates not graves,
Just unleashes the intent
To achieve the same.

She’s called Ms.Ego,
Beware of her cunning tricks,
The smartest she kills.

A lazy worker,
Who will hand you a shovel,
To dig your own hole.

These Harbinger of Horrors,
They mercilessly haunt minds,
That cannot fight fear.

The isolated Ones,
Who haven’t any heroes
Spiral in those pits.

And their screams of help-
Shut by Sir Invisible!
Unknown to our ears!

Do not enter these
Graveyards! They are a maze,
You might lose yourself.

The tombmakers’ toil ends
Not when tombs are completed,
Only when they’re filled.

And these sickos shall
Push you down a rabbit hole, 

Give no hope nor rope.

Smirk as they watch us,
Fall one by one in doomed crypts,
That they dig and dig.

13 responses to “The Grave Diggers (ft. Veera)”

  1. I so not knew about this Collab before it got published 😂🙈
    I really liked the sound of dig dig throughout the poem. Great Collab guys!!

    1. 😂thanks kay🧡

  2. six feet
    no more
    listen to the bowie
    and know
    why he returned to earth~

      1. david jones aka david bowie. wowie

  3. This was sooo unique
    Great work guys!!!

    1. ❤ Akshita, thanks! ❤

    2. Thanks akay🧡✨️

  4. What a beautiful collab!!

    1. Thank you!!!✌️

  5. Excellent work, Riya! Great collaboration! Clap clap!

    1. Thank you harshi!

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