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Turn Off The Lights

“Hey dad, could you turn off the lights?”
I could probably do it myself, you know?
But maybe I just want to depend on him tonight.

“Hey dad, would you exchange your donut for my apple?”
Its not that I don’t like apples, they are my favorites,
But maybe I just wanted him to share food with me.

“Hey dad, don’t be scared, please ride the roller coaster with me?”
My sister would’ve liked to come,
But maybe I just wanted us to have fun together.

“Hey dad, you feeling good?”
I should have asked him that at least once a day,
But maybe I was too self-absorbed.

“Hey di, kasa hota divas?” (how was your day?)
I shouldn’t have shunned those conversations,
Because maybe, those were my only chances of being close to him.

“Hey di, would you help me with work?”
I shouldn’t have been rude, inconsiderate,
Because maybe, you need me as much as I need you.

“Hey di, you know that I love you na?”
You only tell me after a fight, but if I was less like mom,
Would you love me more and remind that to me every day?

“Yes, I know dad, love you too, tell me a story?”
“Not tonight, its late, lights off in 60 seconds.”
I smile as you leave, because regardless of what happens,
Your disgraceful daughter will still need your love.

12 responses to “Turn Off The Lights”

  1. THIS IS JUST SO SO SO INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL, I AM OBSESSED OKAY??!! 😭😭 also, that marathi line you added?? LOVE IT SO MUCH!!

    1. Ho!! thank u anoushka❤️❤️

  2. I expected a dramatic ending halfway through the poem….you had me fooled completely. Yet another well penned poem rii 🙂

  3. Dad, di all are precious! Depending on them just makes us happy! 😊👍 Well shared

    1. thank you priti!🧡

  4. This poem is gonna make me cry
    Thank God I found ur blog 💯🦋❤️❤️🫂🫂😭😭

    1. Awwwww🥺🥺🥺the feeling is mutual isha!!!!!

      1. I am daily gonna read all ur old stuff
        Lots of love ❤️

        1. ✌️😁enjoy!!! But ughh dont comment as much though.. i feel cringey when i get a comment on a post i dont even remember writing😂😂

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