Turn Off The Lights

“Hey dad, could you turn off the lights?”
I could probably do it myself, you know?
But maybe I just want to depend on him tonight.

“Hey dad, would you exchange your donut for my apple?”
Its not that I don’t like apples, they are my favorites,
But maybe I just wanted him to share food with me.

“Hey dad, don’t be scared, please ride the roller coaster with me?”
My sister would’ve liked to come,
But maybe I just wanted us to have fun together.

“Hey dad, you feeling good?”
I should have asked him that at least once a day,
But maybe I was too self-absorbed.

“Hey di, kasa hota divas?” (how was your day?)
I shouldn’t have shunned those conversations,
Because maybe, those were my only chances of being close to him.

“Hey di, would you help me with work?”
I shouldn’t have been rude, inconsiderate,
Because maybe, you need me as much as I need you.

“Hey di, you know that I love you na?”
You only tell me after a fight, but if I was less like mom,
Would you love me more and remind that to me every day?

“Yes, I know dad, love you too, tell me a story?”
“Not tonight, its late, lights off in 60 seconds.”
I smile as you leave, because regardless of what happens,
Your disgraceful daughter will still need your love.


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8 responses to “Turn Off The Lights”

  1. THIS IS JUST SO SO SO INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL, I AM OBSESSED OKAY??!! 😭😭 also, that marathi line you added?? LOVE IT SO MUCH!!

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