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A Beginning💞

He drives her around but,
She’s the one driving him crazy,
Now his eyes won’t turn away.

Her beaming face, jeez!
He can only describe through songs,
The things she makes him feel.

His heart is wide open,
Vulnerable, but sure,
He is all ready to fall.

A zeal for hugs, but he waits,
4 weeks, even 4 months,
Because their fate is fate.

She can’t stop smiling,
Like ohh myy god.
Someone should pinch her!

Her words, they are a mess,
I… you… me,
He renders her speechless.

Overwhelming feelings,
But they way he calms her down,
She takes it all, one day at a time.

Soon she will cease her anxiety,
And voice HER feelings, fret not,
This is only the beginning.

best wishes——r✌️🖤

😂i couldn’t decide on one song

18 responses to “A Beginning💞”

  1. *screams* beautifully penned 🥺🦋 shayad pehli baar hi likh rahi tu aaisi pyaar bhari poem🤣 par as always it’s 🤌🏻 simple and sweet 🖤

    1. P.s – Ofcourse you can’t choose any “one song”.😂😂😌 Playlist bhi kam pad jaaye🤣

      1. 😏✌️ik uk ik

        1. Yeah ukikuk🤣🤣😉

    2. 😂yes ji!! i realized writing happy endings is VERY hard🙂🙂🖤

      1. Baat toh sahi hai bro🙂🤣 dukhi aatma🥱

  2. who is BLEH btw?
    great poem!

    1. Bleh is my irl bestie😁❣️ thank you kay!!!

  3. Oooooooh lovelyyyy 🤩🤩🥺


    1. 🧡thnx anoushka!

  5. Beautiful 👌🦋❤️

  6. Shantanu Kulkarni Avatar
    Shantanu Kulkarni

    It’s so true…. Great one👍

    1. Heh.. hellooo!!!😁🧡

      1. Shantanu Kulkarni Avatar
        Shantanu Kulkarni


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