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I have had enough! Stop asking yourself
When did everything change?
What happened to me?
What made me mean?


Just stop looking for that flip switch.
There has never been one.
Turn the camera to selfie mode, and see.
That you’ve always had a dark imagination.
Trauma didn’t turn you into a monster,
Ice has been your truth all along.

Ugh, enough with the denial,
Wipe off the smile,
Your lies are falling apart,
You were no angel,
You were no victim,
Nor were you a villain,
You were a pretender.

Don’t plead now dear,
Don’t throw a tantrum,
Your wrath is just a phantom,
Shut up and listen.

You don’t scare me.
I can, and I will,
Until everyone sees your fragility.

Yes miss, I would dare.

Look they are noticing you now,
Isn’t it like a siren!!

Just like me, they will know,
Your vulnerabilities are a ruse.

This is so liberating!
Let me rip off the rest of the covers..

Huh, does my smirk enrage you?
You can scream too, like-

You write to be noticed,
For a like, for a comment.

“It is not about the numbers,
It is about the emotions”
You keep repeating to
Make your self believe.

*eye roll*
such a hypocrite.

Your hands don’t shake while writing.

You don’t have to step back and take a breath.

Your words don’t make hearts race.

People understand you, see you, but they don’t feel you.

So what about those emotions huh?

I admit, you do tend to write tragic ends,
Yet they only manage to frustrate one’s mind,
And could never cause any eyes to weep.

You use your strength to build your walls,
No wonder, your words are left weak.

You swim on the surface,
Why not dive into the deep?

If you can’t open your fort,
Then build a moat,
And pour the waters,
Poetry isn’t written from,
Dare I say “false”
Smiles and hearts.

So let out your

Scream because you don’t know yourself,
Shout if you are lost,
Yell when you are angry,
Cry when you feel so many things,
That you can’t even understand what the feeling is.
Because those tears darling are the most beautiful poems.

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…so…yeah…freestyle poems…hmmm…i am glad you read it…or atleast most of it…its a long one right…well…

Just so you know, I am going back to random posts…following a schedule is not working for me😬🤷keep looking out for my posts!!

p.s. I am doing okay. ik you will be asking anyways😂❤️
p.s.s. i didn’t really edit this post.. so some typos and grammatical errors might be there.. sowwy🥺


30 responses to “SCREAM”

  1. 👌👌👌✍️🌹🌈

    1. hey mic!! how are you?

      1. Thank you for asking Ria😘🌹. It’s a bit boring sitting at home. We lost our cars after the hail and in our region it is far from everywhere without a car. So I take pictures of any nonsense in the house or in the garden😁😁😁

        1. 🥺oh no! Enjoy your stay at home😂

      2. And how about You Riya😉🎈🌹

        1. Ahh i am good ig.. classwork feels like a lot!

  2. janov fa love
    primal scream
    is far more than it may seem
    regain sense
    of hope
    to cope
    and doin wo for so long

      1. yes i yell frequently

  3. Riya!!!! What an astounding poem!

    I’m amazed at the relentless tone which is actually a brilliant affirmation!

    1. 😁yes harshi! Glad u like it!

  4. “You are a pretender”
    Damn scary 💀
    😂 Why did this feel like someone was scolding me
    The last stanza was brilliant!! I loved the poem.

    1. Well somebody should scold you🤣glad it was me🤣
      Thank you❤️‍🔥

  5. i am speechless
    how did you come up with such a splendid piece??

    1. 😁✌️frustration mostly..

    1. -it just happened

  6. Woah… this was a huge wave of emotions! It must’ve taken a lot of pent up feelings to come up with such a piece. I’m quite speechless 😯

    This was a pretty great piece, btw! How are things going with you rn?

    1. 😅yeah.. i was so frustrated when i was writing it.. but it felt better! Thank you🧡
      Ahh things are just going.. 🥲class 12 suckssss

      1. Inspiration comes from some unexpected sources, don’t worry about it 😂
        You’re welcome! Ahh, hang in there. 12th Grade is a pretty, well….intense period of school so far. But at the same time, try to enjoy while you can 😁

  7. Was born out of “tang aa gyi hu”
    Wonderful piece indeed!! ❤
    It will be fine. Just keep walking✨

    1. oh bhai!! you are here!!god my comments section missed you so much!!! 😭


      1. Aaaaaaaaa, you missed me!!!🥺🤧
        I missed your grumpy head toooo💔
        Imma back😁 Saath milkr pdhai or mazee krenge 😅

  8. Beautifully written poem!!!
    Keep writing
    Best wishes

  9. Wow! What a masterpiece ❤️❤️❤️🦋🦋🦋👌👌👌💯💯💯🙌🙌

    1. thank you isha!💜

      1. Keep Writing
        I ll read ur other poems soon

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