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a rant about the times I’ve ranted

Welcome to when I couldn’t keep my shit together. This could be a glorified tv drama if it got the chance. *shrugs*


It is an embarrassing, messy and ugly very ugly side of me that has presented itself of numerous occasions. I have gotten better at not going into my Rudra Avatar. But there are lots… uhm.. lets say some incidents when I was the red guy from inside out.

For example, punching a girl in her guts, (weirdly though she’s my bestie now). Or giving an accidental head injury to a friend who was goading me. Emphasis on accidental because I merely shoved her, the bench came in her way.

Another instance being when I shouted at a teacher. Thank heavens (and the school bell) that I didn’t get into any trouble. Today, I am not even sure which one of us was correct? Me or her?

Bursting into tears because I was forced to play basketball with a 100 degree fever. Gosh and they wonder why I quit the team.

A stupid action that I now regret is, throwing away at least ten poems that my ex-bff had written to me because I was angry. Ugh, I could have modified them and posted them here.😒 Turns out hate and revenge are great inspirations for poetry.

One of my favorite times when I lost my cool was in 7th standard. The complaint was not even against me, I just lawyered up for my classmates and yelled my head off at this certain jerk. He never spoke to me again. Isn’t that nice (:

I won’t mention my fights with my sister because they are petty and uninteresting. And also because I usually lose and have to compromise😐.

The latest episode of “losing my shit” is this post. I might come to regret publishing this. I don’t understand why I wrote this rant about my past rants, but as you’ve realized by now, I do crazy stuff when my chill goes on vacations. Or maybe I wrote this because I have nothing interesting in my life.😂

At times when I couldn’t act upon my feelings, I took it out on my hair. Sad? Cut my hair. Angry? Cut my hair. Bored? Cut my hair. Somebody should really piss me off soon because my hair are growing, and I need a reason to chop’em off again.

well, goodbye. till the next time!


13 responses to “a rant about the times I’ve ranted”

  1. W-w-wait you had to play BASEBALL with a 100 DEGREE FEVER? That’s like, dangerous to everyone else on the team too. Gosh.

    1. 😮‍💨ikr!! There is a reason teams have substitutes in case a team member get sick or injured.😕😕

  2. ngl this was fun to read and honestly so relatable I dont often lose my cool I just imagine a gruesome death for the person who pissed me off😂😂

    1. 🤣🤣yes i get that!

  3. Coooool stuff 🤣 I lobe your rants though🤷‍♀️ Ready to hear them any and everytime😌 “Chop your hair” 😙

    1. Thats a good reason🤣”because my bf told me to”

      1. Yup exactly 😂I guess I’m your only supporter in that case✊️

        1. 🤣🤣🤣yeah bas tu hi hai!

  4. You sure, you’re hair exists?🙂
    Well, i don’t usually lose my cool in public but behind my polite smile hides the thoughts of taking out the person’s intestines and burning them in fron of em

    1. yeah.. i am quite a harry person🙂


    1. lol.. i missed this comment😅 glad you enjoyed it!😁😂

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