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Am I in a cave? I can’t see anything. They’ve left me here for two nights now. I hear them taunting me. Telling me He’ll soon return for some fun. I don’t know what has happened to the others who survived. I remember seeing Tarina, my sister, her friends Jenna and Duskol, and our leader Flisky were blinded and portkeyed before me. Are we even in the same country now?

When our band of thirty had planned the attack, we had assumed that He wouldn’t be present around this goblins’ lowly group. It was only meant to be a supply raid. The more rebellious ones of us were even hoping to capture the Death Eater in charge. We were so horrifically wrong.

We began with our usual Confendo charms and watched the goblins fall into chaos. Hiding behind a car, I saw one of them banging his skull into a trash bin. Two of them were pushing a third down the gutter. I heard my sister Terani chuckling beside me. She had joined the Mavericks only few months after me, yet she had fit in so well. She was relaxed during our attacks, and even seemed to have fun. But me? I could never step out of the fear and panic in my mind. Lumos is a word I never speak after dusk.

I was riding away for quite a while on my thought trains. Then I noticed that the creature nearest to me was scratching a hydrant. Water would have ruined our invisibility cloaks which was my only shield of defense. Mind you, despite my smarty brain, my wand skills were “unwizardly”. So when Reducio was a perfectly good spell to shrink the goblin and save our asses, my terrible aim hit the hydrant. The shower of water brought black shadows with it and thus, the battle between my soaking wet companions and Him had begun.

I cannot consider that three minute “slaughter” to be a battle. Cause all their Stupefy’s and Protego’s did nothing to save my companions from Him. He alone overpowered all of us. For as long as I live, those equally terrifying and mesmerizing green flashes spewing from his wand will be carved in my memory.

And now I wait. I wait and remember. Remember all the things that went wrong. Noticing all the missed signs. Memorizing or maybe even creating the details. Counting the hours, the cries, the deaths, counting and counting. The only reason I had survived with my life was because I had hid. I was a coward. And scarier things are coming, aren’t they?

I’ve heard rumors about him. About the manic he cause. But I got a good look at his face. How could someone with such a beautiful face done such unspeakable things. Killing is a terrible sin as it is, but torture? Why does he do that? Why do so many follow him?

I’ve though of it before, and fear cannot be the only answer. What is his story? His actions terrify me, but what are his reasons? He Who Must Not Be Named, but what even is his name? Oh Jesus, my mind will be the death of me. Better than whatever He has planned for me.

My tears dwell up again. It has been fourteen times now. But I don’t want them to flow. I am scared.

I think of Tarina again. It is the one hundred and sixty-fifth time now. Where is she? Is she alive? What will happen of Mother? Do they know what’s happened to me? I miss Tarina. Her beautiful smile, annoying talents, boring jokes, amusing looks. I miss her. I miss my family.


I have slept in fits. Eight naps. Eight nightmares. I don’t want to think about them. But all I can do is think. Tear my hair out, scrape my skin. But it hurts. And I think about how much it hurts.

Sixteen. I can’t anymore. Its dark here, and all I want to do is say Lumos and embrace that light. But my wand isn’t here. “Help” I whisper. My voice is so weak “Help”

Thirty-seven times I yell help. The roof moves and I light enters. Daylight! I am not a cave but in a pit!! A rope drops down and hope fills me. I try climbing. But my hand won’t be able to drag my weight to the top.

I call for help again, but no one responds. Where are they? Who threw the rope? And why did they just disappear? I must keep trying. Almost there. Whoa.. it is dark already. I think I am in some forest. This clearing looks so creepy and desolate. My eyes easily adapt to the night sky. I analyze the ground trying to find if someone else is also stuck here. I find no other holes, but this looks like a burial ground.

Panic floods my frenzied mind…

THAT’S IT YAAR. I AM SO TIREDDDDD YOO THIS IS THE LONGEST I HAVE EVER WRITTEN ANYTHING. GIMME SOME MOTIVATION and ideas TO CONTINUE PLS 😂i have almost quit this fiction threeee times! Is it even good.. i think exhaustion ruined the second half😮‍💨o didn’t even grammar check

thirty nine- help😂

13 responses to “untitled⚡”

    1. 👋hi! How’s your day?

      1. 🌹I’m certainly doing better than I deserve😁 And You?

  1. The maze that was the dense forest was only the first among obstacles of unimaginable horror….

    1. 😈par jyaada lambi nhi hojaegi story😅

      1. That’s the point of this story Riii

        1. Achcha baba likhleti hu😂

  2. SHH THIS IS PHENOMENAL OK??? I love it so much AND MIGHT BE DESPERATE FOR A CONTINUATION?? also love the main character already it’s alll so PERFECT IM OBSESSED

    1. hehe thank you!!💜😌

  3. Nice … u are a good story writer.❤👍

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