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Day 6- Reader’s Writings

the original prompt was write a poem that includes all the words from my latest Facebook status.. and since I don’t have an account I chose another prompt for today😅

6. Write a poem about a girl who keeps stealing books from a used bookstore.

Reader’s Writings

I should alert the police, her parents,
But what is a fellow reader, if not curiosity?
What compels her to steal?
If she steals anyway, why not steal the better stock?
Wouldn’t she prefer fresh, new books,
That have known no other owner?
Why these discarded piles from an old, mediocre store?

She says she wishes to be a good writer,
And now, I am invested,
What does she write?
What does she read for fun?
On a bad day? On a happy day?
What are her favorite books?

She says does not read the printed words,
She looks for both narration and perception.
Its the underlines, notes, scribbles, creases,
The worn soft pages that somebody turned too many times,
The hard white pages, that were skipped, left unread,
Telling stories of both writer and reader,
How they might have chuckled,
How their eyes might have teared,
How common is caffeine addiction,
How often do people snack and read,
Why did the doze off after this chapter?
A story of a writer, along with the story of a reader.


5 responses to “Day 6- Reader’s Writings”

  1. I love the thought of being invested in someone else’s work, because it is a real thing, at least in my life.

    1. Yes, it is quite rewarding I think!

  2. This was rather intriguing to read!

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