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Day 9- Circus

9. Quickly jot down 4 verbs, 4 nouns and 4 adjective. Write a poem using all 12 words.

Verbs- let, excuse, go, try
Nouns- week, fact, error, complaint
Adjectives- smart, pure, two, purple


I gave up the rights to complaint,
The day I chose to join the circus,
Of the smart and (un)lazy,
Stare at text papers,
Fill my books with purple ink,
Learn the facts by heart,
Rectify the errors,
Go on, study hard!
The day I chose this circus,
I became a joker huh.
I try not to let the jape get to me,
But I am an hourglass in a tent,
And I’ve lost another week,
Am I close to going crazy?
I’ve got two more words to fill,
So you must excuse,
The change in the tone of my show,
Was it not pure fun and joy though!


3 responses to “Day 9- Circus”

  1. Verbs: Spray Drop Hard Charge
    Nouns: Water Bullet Paste Waves
    Adjectives: Clear Blue Salty Foam

    Ig I was thinking of the beach 🤷‍♀️

    Rain On the Ocean
    The spray of the clear blue water,
    Harsh and salty in my face,
    Little bullets drop, harsher and harder,
    Waves charge the beach with a foamy paste.

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