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Day 11- What Will They Call Me?

11. Write a list poem. (Additional- Use one lyric from the song “Wavin’ Flag” by K’naan).

see all the prompts here. sorry for the lateness and the additional challenge was provided by veera.. thanks (I guess) I chose the line-

They’ll call me freedom just like a wavin’ flag.

They’ll call me glee just like a spinning pinwheel,
Warmth just like a home cooked meal,
Delight just like some oreo that dips,
Joy just like a pebble which skips.

They’ll call me astray like a lion on the shore,
Cold like the ocean was before,
Pain like skin splinters on nails,
Misery like a puppy face that fails.

They’ll call me strong just like bronze and steel,
Peace just like silence that heals,
Vibrant just like the movies on screen,
Serene just like the valleys I’ve seen.

They’ll call me weak just like paper when it rains,
Chaos just like schedules of muggle trains,
Dull just like a textbook of the histories,
Turbulent just like a prince and his worries.

They’ll call me clay just like they want me to be,
They’ll call me finite just like one, two three,
They’ll call me caged just like dust on a rag,
I could be all that, you’ll see me, they’ll see me,
And they’ll call me freedom just like a waving flag.


20 responses to “Day 11- What Will They Call Me?”

  1. Welllllll this was wonderful Rii ❤ loved it, the poem has a nice rhythm…even the choice of line was great 🙂

    1. 💖thanks vee!😁

  2. Damn I love thisss! Tho u could hv had something like- “I am not always what they call me” somewhere!
    This was absolutely amazinggg!

    1. That line goes well with the poem.. i will edit it later.. thanks stara!!!💛😁

      1. Haha yeah. You are welcome…the peom is beautiful!

  3. Oh my gosh this is my favorite of your poems yet

    1. Thanks rea💛💛glad you like it!

      1. You’re welcome, but tbh all of your work is amazing 😂


    1. 🥺❤️❤️anoushka you always make my day!

  5. This is beautiful and powerful all at the same time riri! Teach me how to write this well, I am ever so jealous😭

    1. u prepared to pay a hefty fees?😜

  6. Excellent collection of similes! Description captured so well, Riya!

    1. Thank u harshi!💛

  7. i loveee wavin flag so muchh😭😭😭😭

    and oh my god the poem is so deep-

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