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Drawn At Dawn

Well first of all….SORRY for the imromptu disappearance..
*turning shamefully because I also failed the writing challenge😮‍💨*
I might get busy in November and December also but I’ll try to make time for my blog.🤞🤞Bear with me, and Happy Diwali, yes that too!💛💜🧡

Through the hours you don’t see me,
I work, I toil ceaselessly,
For the silver lights to reach you,
I just wish the pretty sights wouldn’t blind you,
Cause when its time for us to greet,
You don’t let me in,
All the curtains are drawn,
And you are fast asleep…


11 responses to “Drawn At Dawn”

  1. Happy diwali in advance ✨✨✨

    1. Well wishes to you too!💛💛

  2. Beautiful poem

    and well heyy u did waaaay better than me
    i got caught up with exams and then fell sick and stopped at only day 9!!!

    1. Thank you! 😬take care s!

  3. Happy diwali rii.. don’t get too caught up in studies and forget you have a bunch of people waiting to read your poems 😤 🙂

    1. Happy diwali vee😁😁 and lol.. how could i forget when u are always hovering in my head telling me to write poems🤣🤣

      1. Good to hear that 😂😎

    2. Yaa! Really true said dude.☺✌

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