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Don't indulge in their game,
They lie, say its safe,
You are a prey for them to maim,
You are another neck to chafe,
You can't run, you can't hide,
Abused until they are satisfied,
With a fist they'll cover your heart,
Then wait for you to completely fall apart,
But I suppose they just do not know,
That nothing could ever conceal your glow...

-riya K 

26 responses to “Glow”

  1. Gosh, this is so good Riya!!! Loved it ❤️

    1. Thanks nehal!✨️✨️❤️
      Padhai kaise chal rhi h???😬

      1. 😂🙂 padhai
        Ha yrrr achi hi hai 😂. Wbu?

        1. Sure😂😂
          Chal rhi h padhai toh

  2. ayee hayee this is soo good💫

  3. Wonderful post Riya. Your posts are really based on true events. Just keep going and keep creating awareness in others.😊👍

    1. Aw thnx!🙌🏼🧡

  4. By the way can I ask one thing if you are ok? In which class you study?

    1. I am just fine yaksh, I appreciate you asking! I am in 12th currently. What about you?

      1. Aww Really! Same pinch yrr. I’m also in 12th only. And I’m fine too. By the way are you on Snapchat? Because we can help each other, so if you are ok with that then…

        1. Lol same pinch😂 I dont use snap, altough you can email me anytime on
          Which stream are u studying?

          1. Actually I don’t usually say like this like same pinch, but I thought that you guys discuss in this manner so I thought that… Hope you understand😅 and by the way I’m in commerce. What about you?

  5. No one can destroy inner glow of others how much can try ! Well shared👌👌

  6. Qya hua rii mere jaise likh rahi ho 😂

    1. ahem ahem…🙂 pata nhi kaha se aa rhe shabd😂

  7. Beautiful poem!! I loveeee the picture you put- really puts the poem into like a vision.

  8. Wow!! This is so good ❤️🌻

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