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Been busy and tired, this post is unworthy of being titled.

Today was one of the days where everything had to go wrong.

Slapping the companies’ best client and deleting all their important files can get you fired on the spot. It doesn’t matter if you did it out of self-defense and rage, respectively, your efforts to explain yourself will be disregarded. Farwell, here’s your severance, never again should you show your face here. Bye bye!

Ajay, Devaki and Shravan were treating me with dinner and drinks to cheer me up. Seriously guys, driving for 2 hours to get to our favorite dhaba would not improve my situation!!

So far, nothing felt “wrong”, the universe was just being entirely unfair. Nothing movie or books worthy, but I still had enough bad luck today to gain an audiences sympathy. My friends, sarcastically clearing my throat, yes, those friends, they didn’t even play one English song our entire drive…




not to be continued



cause the fate of this story is that it remains incomplete..

I just really really hope I will finish it someday in the future..🥲

Someday… sigh.


4 responses to “Been busy and tired, this post is unworthy of being titled.”

  1. life itni depressing chal rahi hai kya?

    1. 🥺yaar aisa lag rha syllabus roj badhte hi jaara😫

  2. Half a year more and you’ll be free to finish it 🙂

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