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Hello, or rather goodbye. I must take a break from Hmmm to focus on my studies now. Exams are approaching and I’ll be busy until March, so I won’t be posting for the next three months. Thank you for your support, and I hope you will wait for my poetry!!
Yours, Riya🧡

17 responses to “Hiatus”

  1. It’s ok bro
    Take your time
    Work hard!!
    All the best 🌻🌻❤️❤️🤝

    1. TY!! take care and continue blogging Isha😁🧡

      1. Sure sure
        Love ❤️🤝

  2. ayy best of luckkk with your exams!! I know you’ll do amazingggg and obviously we’ll wait for youuuu and your poems for the next three months🥺🥺💖💖

    1. Thank you siiii🥺🥺💛

  3. Do your best!! We’ll be waiting ❤

    1. Thank you reagan💛
      don’t enjoy wordpress too much without me😂😛

      1. Trust me we won’t 😥

  4. Sending lots of good wishes for your exams! I’ll be waiting (im)patiently for your return. 😉

    1. thank you and I’ll be back in a flash Naomi!😁

  5. Yep, go bury yourself among books rii, i’ll still be around to read your poems when you emerge :))

  6. All the best!! We’ll miss you, Riyaaaa! Be back soon 🔜

  7. All the best riri!!!
    Miss you already🖤

  8. Goodluck on your exams

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