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Turn Off The Lights

“Hey dad, could you turn off the lights?”
I could probably do it myself, you know?
But maybe I just want to depend on him tonight.

“Hey dad, would you exchange your donut for my apple?”
Its not that I don’t like apples, they are my favorites,
But maybe I just wanted him to share food with me.

“Hey dad, don’t be scared, please ride the roller coaster with me?”
My sister would’ve liked to come,
But maybe I just wanted us to have fun together.

“Hey dad, you feeling good?”
I should have asked him that at least once a day,
But maybe I was too self-absorbed.

“Hey di, kasa hota divas?” (how was your day?)
I shouldn’t have shunned those conversations,
Because maybe, those were my only chances of being close to him.

“Hey di, would you help me with work?”
I shouldn’t have been rude, inconsiderate,
Because maybe, you need me as much as I need you.

“Hey di, you know that I love you na?”
You only tell me after a fight, but if I was less like mom,
Would you love me more and remind that to me every day?

“Yes, I know dad, love you too, tell me a story?”
“Not tonight, its late, lights off in 60 seconds.”
I smile as you leave, because regardless of what happens,
Your disgraceful daughter will still need your love.

you think of something… we feel shook.

You are not of the scientists waiting in anticipation of the work they put in over the months.

You are not in the VIP section of the sighting area filled with family and friends who provided the resources.

You are not amongst the crowd that’ll be looking up at the sky.

You are not one of the crores of people staring at their screen, crossing their fingers for something phenomenal.

Today, you are standing alone. Today, you will be taking off and making your mark in this world.

Your creators have been preparing you for this. You feel ready but some nervous energy envelopes you.

Maybe it’s just the jitters of your first flight. You whisper to yourself, “You can do this. Don’t do this for them, do it for you. Stay vigilant!” Power and confidence is boosting through you…

L minus twenty seconds

L minus ten seconds




You blast off! You are elated! You are free! You know that you can do anything and everything! Your life seems like a dream come true! Most importantly, you are high.

Though, as you reach higher, your supporters grow distant. You feel alone. Bars and bars of (atmospheric) pressure push you down. Things get heated. People you don’t know pull you to the ground, as if gravity wasn’t enough.

Your journey is a difficult one. You get disheartened and in some moments, you’d rather just press self-destruct. What would people think, people say, people pray, when you disintegrate into a thousand pieces?

But you shake off those thoughts. You cannot be a disappointment, nor a failure, not when so much has been sacrificed to bring you where you are. You think of the people who believe in you and made you into who you are.

You detach yourself from the weight of expectations and doubts. Then, with a velocity, faster than ever, you escape.

You reach a heaven. The sight in front of you is so beautiful. A billion stars, burning just like you, blink and welcome you to space. You smile and wave back.

You turn and notice Earthmen staring at you with awe in their eyes. Your makers look at you with pride. You’ve done it! You are a successful undertaking!

This cannot be the end though, because a question is repeatedly flashing in you, what next?

Photo by Felix Mittermeier on Pexels.com

A Common Terror Tale

She senses the teacher,
With piercing arctic cold eyes,
Staring through her screen,
Waiting for an answer.

“What is the Reimer Tieman reaction?”

A cloud? Canvas? Pit?
I got my driver’s license last week?
Ae Bee Cee Dee Eee **** you!
Is raghu wearing new glasses?
Hi, my name is fevicol?
Uhm, blank blank blank sheep,
Have you any wool?

“Well, what is the answer fevicol?
Hello, students, can you hear me? Am I audible?
Check your connections fevicol? Are you there?”

Ahh, she is not reaaally there,
Sir has given her quite a scare,
Of the reaction she is not aware,
She waits for some miracle in despair!

Fevicol’s bestie to the rescue,
Texts the answer to the Q,
Sparks in her brain flew,
Relived she replies to you-

“Hello, sir, I am sorry,
I was frozen there for a while,
Fluctuating connections.
Phenol with chloroform gives selicyl aldehyde,
In a basic medium,
This is termed as the Reimer Teiman reaction.”

Like reciting her favorite rap,
Her breathing slows,
Receding panic attack,
And onward the class goes…

Whew! Right? This has happened countless times to me.. yet its always a rush and damn the stares+questions my teacher gives me won’t ever stop being terrifying!! 😂 and ever since the classes have shifted from online to offline.. i have been utterly helpless😬😭 tell me your story in the comments.. only funny replies expected.

p.s.- about the fevicol name.. I wrote the first thing I saw.. as we so often do when our mind draws to a blank (:

The Grave Diggers (ft. Veera)

surprise!! This is my second collab with Veera @theforgersoffantasy and I couldn’t be happier bcoz it finally got me out of my writing slump.✨️😂

(the normal lettering is Veera’s work and the bold lines are mine)-

The grave diggers dig
Tirelessly, endlessly,
Desisting not once.

Slow, yes, but steady,
Relishing every moment
Of their pond’rous work.

They dig and they dig,
At night, even broad daylight,
Right within our minds.

The grave diggers deliver
Grave fortunes upon the weak,
Who can’t bear more pain.

Inflicted by injuries,
Products of traumatic times,
The tombmakers weave.

There’s Ms.Tectonic,
Who spurs to work amidst
Days of stress and panic.

Suffer an end slow,
Those chained by Mr.Sharrow,
A death in anguish.

Mrs. I don’t Know,
And her pal Mrs. Nobody Cares,
They talk us into suicide.

Madness a close friend
Of the renowned Mr. Rage,
An uncontrollable fiend.

He creates not graves,
Just unleashes the intent
To achieve the same.

She’s called Ms.Ego,
Beware of her cunning tricks,
The smartest she kills.

A lazy worker,
Who will hand you a shovel,
To dig your own hole.

These Harbinger of Horrors,
They mercilessly haunt minds,
That cannot fight fear.

The isolated Ones,
Who haven’t any heroes
Spiral in those pits.

And their screams of help-
Shut by Sir Invisible!
Unknown to our ears!

Do not enter these
Graveyards! They are a maze,
You might lose yourself.

The tombmakers’ toil ends
Not when tombs are completed,
Only when they’re filled.

And these sickos shall
Push you down a rabbit hole, 

Give no hope nor rope.

Smirk as they watch us,
Fall one by one in doomed crypts,
That they dig and dig.


My clock glowed:

8:13 AM
Tue 24.01.23

It was still 12 minutes away from beeping my house into chaos. It’s my 18th birthday, and my parents are way more psyched about it than me. Woohoo! Finally an adult! Right?

But I actually am dreading today.

A few months ago I had made a deal with myself, No one besides me and Anu knows about it…. Lol. I can’t even admit it to my diary. How will I ever tell it to maa today? 

So here I am, hiding in my bed on my birthday, working out my life-changing revelation speech. Sigh. But I don’t want to lie anymore.. Today is the day.. A deal is a deal.. No going..

This miserable self-affirmation’s gonna be left off for now. Its 8.25. Here come the knocks.

See you tonight diary,

Mrs. Patil knocked on her daughter’s door, “Good morning, birthday girl..Hope you have a great year..” 

“Morning Maa 😀 Thank you!” Tina stretched awake with a wide smile and hugged Mrs. Patil.

“Always shona. Now quick, get ready… We have a lot planned today.”

ok so I have this written.. but I have no idea what to do with it😬😭..

Consider this a prompt for you.. pickup the story where I left it!! And maybe I or someone else will continue your continuation😂

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